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Requirements for a pastor

Discussion in 'Full and Part Time Ministry' started by Newmom123, Jul 8, 2004.

  1. Rev. Smith

    Rev. Smith Old Catholic Priest

    You have hit on an interesting divide in the Christian world, some sects are activly opposed to "over" education, citing the examples of the apostles and early ministers. Others have very high education requirements.

    Our church has a formation process, each candidate is accessed and tested and then their education requirement is set (along with other service, practicum and counseling requirements). Some have become priests with no additional education after the formation and dogma classes, others were sent off to get advanced degrees (I'm getting one now, because I want to - not because It was required).

    In sola scrip. churches and understanding of greek and latin is probably essential, since if all you have if the Bible, accuracy in text is paramount. In such communities I think the education standards ought to be pretty high. In charismatic churches the emphasis may be more on experience and knowing the ecclisology of the church. I'm lucky, I guess to be in a liturgical tradition - we accept our translation as authority (so I don't need to go to the greek, the Holy Spirit took care of the vetting process a long time ago) - so my education is more in understanding the liturgy and tradition, to support the scriptures.

    Consider talking to the Sr. Pastor, he might consider taking over some of the sermons so that there is a balance between the experiential and Word based teaching. Both have value, and I use both.
  2. Canucker

    Canucker Canadian

    I'm planning to be a Youth Pastor and all I'm really going for is learning about God's word more from people that know about it and learning how to speak in front of people better. Like I'm not nervous or anything, but I just want to be organized! I'm not a note person I can't stand notes because I'll just read right off of them and not pay attention to the crowd and speak to them I'll be reading to them. I like more of improv. like less notes I know you can make points and everything and well that is what I want to do be able to do that better and have things organized better. I just don't feel orgainzed when I speak how I like to that is all :). And i'm going to Bible College so I can get a degree so if there is a church that woudl like one I'll have it and there will be no limits. Also people say it was the most fun they ever had and a great exerpence :) oh oh and I believe this is what God has asked me to do :)
  3. herev

    herev CL--you are missed!

    :eek: hmmm, well, I am a United Methodist Pastor. I have been for 5 years now. When I started, my only real official training was two weeks at what we call "Liscense to Preach School." I have since completed my undergrad and am 2/3 of the way through seminary. My seminary does not require Greeek or Hebrew, nor does the Board of Ordained Ministry, but I intend to begin taking them after graduation next year. My church liscenses me to preach and pastor, but I am not ordained. While there is another way to get to ordianation through much study in something called, "Course of Study," the main way is through completing your seminary education.
    With that being said, I have pastored several churches (2 at the same time). One grew in Sunday School, attendance, and programs, but lost in membership. One doubled attendance, increased membership by 80 percent, but never increased Sunday School. The one I am at now has increased programs, but otherwise is not changed.
    How has my lack of education attributed to any of these? I dunno. :scratch: I just go where the Bishop sends me, lean on God through prayer and study--and preach the word that I believe He has given me. While I agree that education is important, it is not in the education of the pastor that churches grow or die, it is in the church's (not the pastor's alone) willingness to listen to and follow the Holy Spirit.
    Just the way I see things!:D
    Rev. Tommy Conder
  4. Abiel

    Abiel Missionary

    CatainMatt is spot on. We have to take responsibility and check out the Word for ourselves. I am all too easily taken in by confident,intellegent sounding preaching. For me, to scribble references and notes for later checking is bread and butter stuff- and I am quite open myself about things I am not sure about. No one is so doctrianally sound that they can't make mistakes. We all need to seek out wise Christians to keep us accountable, no matter what our position in the Church, and we all need to do the Bearian thing!
  5. Richard

    Richard Legend

    My youth minister didn't go to Seminary and he does very good !!!
  6. Richard

    Richard Legend

    Although it comes from God what he has us doing in our future .... If he didn't want your Pastor to preach God would find a way to prevent it !!!
  7. Richard

    Richard Legend

    Does anyone follow ?
  8. Richard

    Richard Legend

    I don't really think you could set requirements for a Pastor because like I said above its Gods plan what he wants us all to do .... and sure some of us could not follow it , but if you really wanna know why he is preaching take it to the Lord in prayer !!!
  9. sakamuyo

    sakamuyo Fish of No Regard

    The only requirements I would hold are those found in scripture, which have a lot more to do with the character of the pastor than the credentials. Knowledge and wisdom are good things, but there are many ways to aquire these. Academic programs can be a really good way for many to be educated, but they should not be seen as the only way.

    Additionally, not all pastors will have the same spiritual gifts or callings. Some are gifted to be great teachers. Some are not. Some are going to be very academic and their teaching will be heavy in knowledge. Some are going to be less academic and their teaching will be more like a counseling session than a college lecture. Both styles are valid and the important thing is that the pastor know where his (or her) gifts lie and not try to be something he isn't.

    If you've been raised in a church that is mainly built with only one type of pastor (as most mainline denominations are), it can be shocking to visit other churches and see the variety. It really pushes the envelope of what you consider to be a pastor. However, I recommend you question your envelope as much as you question the pastor. Look at scripture and look at what the real requirements are. Start with the letters to Timothy and Titus, looking at the qualifications for elders/overseers.
  10. EJO

    EJO Hellafreak

    I am an administrative Pastor and I never finished college, I went to a graphic design school.
    I agree with sakamuyo. Check out what Timothy says. Timothy was in charge of a church and he was hardly 20 or so. God will use anyone he needs to. My boss, the Sr. Pastor does not have a div. degree. He has a business degree from the UW. He was a commercial real estate guy for years before he was an asst. pastor at our parent church. The pastor that married me and me wife(who we worked with in youth ministry) he dropped out of college at the UW, he was in a graphic arts program.

    Jesus' disciples were a bunch of fishermen, and regular blue collar workers, and much of ministry does NOT happen behind a desk, it is getting out and getting your hands dirty in peoples sin. Like I said, God will use who He wants to use, and praise God he uses sinners like us.


  11. fuzzyh

    fuzzyh Senior Member

    I see three requirements for a Sr. Pastor. A willingness to serve, a calling from Christ, and the gift of teaching or preaching. Everything, else will come with and through Christ.

    I know an electrician who barely man it through high school, but fell in love with the word. He is definately spiritually gifted in teaching, though you'd never know it from talking with him.

    I have no problem with associate pastor's who can not teach the word of God. Heck I have a college professor who is a pasor. He's not a Sr. Pastor, but an associate pastor. His whole job is to counsel people in the church. He says that he does not have the spiritual gift of teaching, but the gift of listening to others and giving them words from God.

    On a side note, I'm going to school to become a pastor. Right now I have no intention of going to seminary, not required for the "denomination" I'm apart of. The church I'm apart of requires a calling of God. They say that God equips the called, but not always calls the equipped.