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Repentance is necessary for heaven

Discussion in 'Daily Devotionals' started by mikeforjesus, Oct 30, 2020.

  1. mikeforjesus

    mikeforjesus Senior Member Supporter

    There is a possibility this is not true but I wish it was. Perhaps it is not true because people can not be excused for not choosing to accept what Jesus says to draw near to Him and trust His judgement that those who are unwilling to accept Him did not value His great love for them and did not count the cost of losing Him for the right to live a life unworthy of Him

    Mark of the beast is something you choose to believe in if one would never want to have it if he was not forced God will not let people have it. It is for those who despise the light when they know it and hate Jesus without a cause. God knows the heart of each. I bet many non Christians are saved who desired to come to Jesus but the light was never preached before properly they do not despise the light. To be saved upon death you have to walk in the footsteps of Christ. All who did not but did not despise the light will go to a horrible long hell but it will be temporary before the last judgement. The direct way to heaven is through the cross preaching the gospel of light and following it
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  2. LoveGodsWord

    LoveGodsWord Well-Known Member

    True dear friend. No repentance means no heaven according to the scriptures. Non Christians are not saved if they have been given a knowledge of the truth of God's Word and reject it. Christians according to the scriptures are all those who believe and follow Gods' Word.
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  3. Junia

    Junia Well-Known Member

    United Kingdom
    amen. All who repent and call upon the Lord will be saved.
  4. mikeforjesus

    mikeforjesus Senior Member Supporter

    Actually it is those who never desired to know the truth and were not willing to accept it which they have no good reason to reject it as it is the truth and take up their cross who can not be saved
    Mark of the beast either God will only let Christians who are believers and confess Him not receive it or you have to prove your love for Christ as He loved you