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Relationship *UPDATE*

Discussion in 'Prayer Wall' started by Gracefullybroken27, Apr 18, 2019.

  1. Gracefullybroken27

    Gracefullybroken27 New Member

    United States
    Hello brothers and sisters. I was listening to Billy Graham's sermons tonight and it struck me deep with fear about death and hell. At some point in our lives we will feel a conviction in the spirit that will help us turn from our sins and surrender our lives to Jesus Christ. Back in 2016 I was on fire for the Lord and went on two retreats with a brother in the faith, it was an amazing experience, but in 2017 I fell away from the path I was currently walking with the Lord, I sinned against my flesh and then I paid for it later that year, I was broken, confused and my anxiety hit me hard. Eventually I met someone and pursued them, but then I was convicted in the spirit again and only then did I realize that I was being reckless and falling further away from God. Before my partner and I got too deep into our relationship, I asked them if they knew Jesus and when they said yes, I seized the opportunity and decided to start over with them, but this time with Jesus. We both made a decision to remain celibate and pursue Christ through the scriptures and obey His commandments in order to make our relationship work. That was about eleven months ago and our relationship has drastically changed for the better. I don't know what the Lord has planned for the both of us, but I'm glad to have them in my life as my best friend and companion, we've come so far with our relationship in Jesus Christ, but Satan has been relentless and everyday has been a battle between the spirit and the flesh. Please pray over our relationship, for peace, wisdom, patience, obedience, strength over temptation and to be on fire for Jesus Christ! Thank you all and God Bless!
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  2. Mathetes66

    Mathetes66 Active Member

    United States
    Prayed for you both. Widen your sphere of commitment & fellowship to include others so as a group you can do various activities like evangelism & serving the community, etc. Less pressure as a group & you accomplish more for the Lord. Thanks for sharing & seeing the Lord be Lord in your lives! :amen:
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  3. Mydreams

    Mydreams Well-Known Member

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  4. sea5763

    sea5763 Active Member

    United States
    I pray for your relationship. I pray that you both receive peace, wisdom, patience, obedience, strength over temptation and for you both to be fully committed in your hearts and minds and souls to following Christ.