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MJ Only Purpose, Vision, and Unity

Discussion in 'Messianic Judaism' started by HARK!, Sep 4, 2020.

  1. HARK!

    HARK! Well-Known Member Staff Member Purple Team - Moderator Supporter

    United States
    I started this thread so that members of this forum could share, and grow stronger in our fellowship.


    What brings us here?

    I'm a Navy brat. Growing up, I had a different house for almost every year of my life. My parents would drop me off at the nearest Protestant Sunday school every Sunday. Needless to say, I began to see conflicting doctrines. As I began reaching maturity, these differences challenged my faith altogether. I was about to lose my my faith altogether; when I realized that I hadn't given my faith the chance that it deserved. I was questioning my faith because of the conflicting doctrines of men. I decided to sit down and read the Bible for myself, from cover to cover. I was somewhere in the Gospels one morning, on a river bank, when I had an experience. I then knew that Elohim is real. Having read through the Bible for myself, I knew that there was much wrong with what I had been taught. That drove me deeper into the Bible. I began to realize that much was missing from my education. I would get my Jewish friends alone, and have deep religious conversations with them, to help me fill in the blanks. I began looking for churches that shared my understanding to no avail. After I moved out from my parent's house; there was no more Christmas tree; and no more bunnies; but I would still visit my family for those days. Eventually the internet came along; and I started finding people who were like minded. I started honoring Passover to the best of my understanding. One day I was conversing with someone on the internet;and she told me that some one of my understanding just had to get myself to a Messianic congregation. I was there on the very next Shabbat.

    Mt understanding began growing at an unprecedented rate. People of that congregation were also opening up to my understandings, that they hadn't been aware of, at an unprecedented rate. Sometimes it wouldn't happen right away; but seeds were growing.

    So here I am on the internet, in a Messianic forum, sharing understanding in a broader forum.


    We have come to the same place; but our lives' journey's have brought us here form different directions. Each of us have experience and understandings that others of us might not have. These differences add strength to those who we fellowship with; when we apply the patience and respect required to understand perspectives that we were not aware of.

    My vision for this forum is that we can work with each other in a constructive way. We probably won't always agree; neither did first first century Israel. There were various sects; but they realized that they were brothers; and they participated in respectful debate.

    My vision is that we can find ways to help each other to grow, and to grow together.

    We have much insight and understanding that many other Christians aren't even aware of. I feel it's our duty to help them to understand.

    My vision fir this forum is that we can work together to help those, who have not discovered these aspects of their walks, to understand. This requires patience with them. Of course they must comply with the forum rules; but if we want to help them; we should kindly and politely help them with understand the forum rules. Reporting seekers, as a knee jerk reaction, isn't an effective way to keep the dialogue open.


    My vision for this forum is that we hold what brings us together, as stronger than what divides us. When conversations turn hostile, it divides us; and those words tend to be lost on everyone. That environment doesn't lend itself to sincere debate and understanding. When I say sincere debate; I say it in reference to debate for the purpose of getting at the truth, not about simply winning the debate. The best debater will win the debate; but the best debater doesn't always know the truth. If we treat each other with love and respect; we will grow together in our understanding, at a much faster rate.

    When seekers come to view our posts (There are many lurkers; and we don't know who they are.) and they see some of the hostility that is present in this forum; I suspect that it is a big turn off to our overall message. It doesn't matter how right that message might be; the way that it is delivered is in conflict with Yahshua's message of peace. Many seekers will move on; as most already understand the message of peace.

    Hostile conflicts are destructive to the individual's message. They not conducive to us growing as a group; and an individual's hostile message, can affect the way seekers see us as a group. In other words, a hostile message from one member of our community, can undermine the message of our overall community.

    I would ask that before you leave commentary on this OP; that you first share your vision for purpose and unity in this forum.

    Last edited: Sep 4, 2020
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  2. wallet_man

    wallet_man New Member

    United States
    My vision and purpose for this forum: things done to glorify the Father, build up the body, redeem peoples time so they can spend it elsewhere to serve the furthering of the kingdom more.

    One idea: It'd be nice to see a main thread linking to individual threads for each topic/verse of discussion where multiple viable views of verses and topics are presented in google documents. This would prevent a lot of threads on the same topics already discussed.

    Videos often take up unneeded time (like 119's videos), as another example here's an hour and 47 minute video debating replacement theology while a 10-15 minute paper could address it.

    When I see posts like Works, The Law, and Works of the Law , my immediate thought goes to seemingly contradictory verses like Ephesians 2:8 (For it is by grace you have been saved through faith, and this is not from yourselves; it is the gift of God not by works...) that don't get addressed. Maybe it's intent wasn't salvational in nature but it seemed to come off that way. If someone said "go walk in liberty", who would consider that a work? But if it's not a work then what if any relation does it have to being saved? I've been on both sides of the debate myself and OSAS seems to answer most verses adequately (save like Hebrews. 10:25-26) but I'm not going to risk taking a definite position until I'm certain either way. Having a paper for presenting both sides would be nice.

    Another idea: apologetic like answers/points in the same main thread to common questions, and points atheists and other denominations or faiths give. As an example, there's this person in the Messianic reddit that posted this What are some good messianic or Christian YouTube channels that focus mainly on refuting counter missionary Jewish channels? : messianic having trouble with Jewish objections to Jesus being the Messiah. This could serve to be counter intuitive however by bringing such teachings to light (and is mentioned against in the statement of purpose for this subforum).

    If a thread like this gets made I've got a short paper on when I use to be a Unitarian that trys to debunk the opposition and support its stance. And another compilation of documents for sighted vs. conjunction moon: Sighted Vs. Conjunction : messianic
    Last edited: Sep 4, 2020