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Prayer to get over anger and resentment

Discussion in 'Prayer Wall' started by Godfirst1, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. Godfirst1

    Godfirst1 Newbie

    I know as a Christian I am not supposed to be angry or resentful of others, but I still struggle with this every day toward some people who hurt me deeply in the past. I still have love in my heart for every person who caused me pain, but overwhelming sadness and hurt for the things that they did and that some continue to do. As a defense mechanism i catch myself being cold, avoiding and when pushed to the limit lashing out...Please pray for God to help heal the scars from my past, and allow me to forget those past hurts. I feel such guilt for having these feelings and for not being able to control the impulse to react the way that I do. There is one person that hurt me that every time I see him, I lash out and then suffer a week or two of deep depression over this inability to control my tongue. The other is my mother who I'm supporting because she is an addict and when she begins craving drugs, I lash out toward her. I know that if I could react with the love that I feel inside rather than with anger and frustration, that I could probably reach both of them for Christ, but instead I may be pushing them away.
  2. servant of Merciful Love

    servant of Merciful Love Contemplative Supporter

    United States
    Praying for your peace and healing ~ God bless you :crossrc:
  3. Tigger45

    Tigger45 No one heals himself by wounding another. Supporter CF Senior Ambassador Angels Team

    United States
    Lord help our sister to forgive and heal. May we find compassion for those that hurt us because it always comes from a wounded soul. Lord please bless and heal our enemies.
  4. MauiMamma

    MauiMamma *Pray without ceasing* ... 1 Thess. 5:16-18

    Praying with you. I have similar frustrations and guilt. God help you and strengthen you and bless you. :prayer:
  5. Linus

    Linus Senior Veteran Supporter Angels Team

    Praying for healing and peace and your relationship with those that have hurt you in the past. Thank You Jesus!
  6. brinny

    brinny everlovin' shiner of light in dark places Supporter

    Bless yer heart. WE all have those same issues. God DOES work it out in His own timing. TRUST Him in all of this as He does. He is our Counselor and Comforter and our Healer and HE knows EXACTLY how to work this out in each of us. Anger and resentment happen. He's GOT it all, and you. It will happen, precious, but in His timing and not yours or mine. In the meantime i'm lifting you up to Him, Who LOVES you and looooves hugs and snuggles. Go to Him and let Him snuggle and hug you, dear heart. Father minister, comfort and heal as only You can, in Jesus name, amen. (((hug)))
  7. grandma dolittle

    grandma dolittle Newbie

    I had similar issues and realized that I had not really forgiven them for the past hurts. I know that if i didn't forgive them, that God couldn't forgive me either. They were not worth my soul. I gave it all to God and asked him to take care of it.

    A sonce told me a story about a man who took his watch to a watch maker to fix. Then he picked the watch up and took it with him when he left. We are like that man... we take our hurts to God and ask him to heal them, but we pick them back up and carry them away with us. God cannot heal that which he doesn't have.
  8. hope01

    hope01 Newbie

    Praying for your comfort...
  9. RoxyPops

    RoxyPops Senior Member

    May the Lord heal you and help you to overcome all of your problems. :crossrc:
  10. child630

    child630 Guest

    Father God, I ask in the name of your son, Jesus, to help her to forgive. This is hard for me as well. I have been hurt as well, but you are faithful, and you are there to give us grace in time of need. Thank you, Lord, for forgiving us. Thank you for dying on the cross so we can be forgiven.