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prayer request

Discussion in 'Prayer Wall' started by rocklife, Nov 21, 2014.

  1. rocklife

    rocklife Senior Veteran

    My son just got braces on and they really hurt. Also he is going to have to get a tooth pulled next month and is very unhappy about it all. Please pray for him to get through all these hard things with a good attitude. He is having a hard time. Thank you.
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  2. saved24

    saved24 Forgiven Supporter

    Praying for your son. God bless.
  3. kens48884

    kens48884 Newbie

    Merciful Father in heaven, I pray for this young man, unknown to me but not to You. I pray, Loving God, that You would bless this young man with relief from the physical pain he feels. I pray that You would be with him in every way and the he would learn that pain is temporary compared to the benefit he will have when, in time, the braces come off and he sees his smiles without the braces and knows the pain, the inconvenience and the anxiety were worth it. Father, please make this a lesson for this young man that he will come to realize that we sacrifice in the short term for the greater benefit in the long run. I pray You will be with this boy, Lord. In Jesus name I pray. So be it.
  4. mourningdove~

    mourningdove~ "Trust in the LORD with all your heart" Supporter


    Praying for your son ...
  5. servant of Merciful Love

    servant of Merciful Love Goodbye~God bless Supporter

    United States
    God bless him :crossrc:
  6. Kingsdotter

    Kingsdotter Guest

  7. sekir

    sekir Senior Veteran

    praying for your son
  8. throughchristimchanged

    throughchristimchanged Selfless

    how lucky and blessed is he, in my prayers Jesus name