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Pray for Me!!!

Discussion in 'Serious Stuff' started by jdog4god, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. jdog4god

    jdog4god Jdog4God

    I'm a 17 yr old guy and i've been struggling with a very difficult issue. I've been trying to deal with it alone for the past couple yrs but now i need reinforcement. Ever since i was in jr. high i've been struggling with attraction to guys. I have never acted out on these thoughts or have done anything, so i'm not gay. I choose not to live that kind of lifestyle, but this struggle is really interfering with my life. I want a girl friend, but dont know if i can give her all that i have to give. This struggle has really brought me closer to God, we have an awesome bond. I just want prayer that this would go away and i can live my life without this constant burden. Please pray that i overcome this struggle.

    Thanks for reading, any prayer is appreciated.
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  2. judechild

    judechild Catholic Socratic

    I will certainly pray for you, jdog. :) Speaking from a catholic's perspective, though, I will say that to have deep-seated same-sex attraction is not itself sinful. Celebacy may be your calling; but don't be afraid.
  3. HarborOrange

    HarborOrange I am a sieve.

    Other Religion
    I'll pray for you, definitely. Everyone has their own sin to bear, and some are harder to resist than others. Just stay strong, stay faithful, and I'm certain you'll pull through.
    G-d bless.
  4. jdog4god

    jdog4god Jdog4God

    Thanks, you dont know how good it feels to know that i am not alone anymore. That there are other people out there praying for me.
  5. Kixa

    Kixa :Possession of God:

    United States
    I have a friend who struggled with something similar...I will be praying for you!
  6. SparkyMaddie

    SparkyMaddie Luceat Lux Vestra

    In Relationship
    okay :) i prayed.
  7. WhereIsReligion

    WhereIsReligion Newbie

    jdog. Well, most gays say they were born that way, so maybe you are indeed born that way or just a heterosexual with homosexual tendency's I don't know.
    But what I do know is that being gay is not wrong, and if the bible says it is well, the bible also say that you should kill your neighbor if he works on Sunday, women should be silent in church, etc. So yeah, it isn't a big deal. Maybe you should meditate on it.
  8. JDoc

    JDoc Newbie

  9. Chilaha

    Chilaha Newbie

  10. Girder of Loins

    Girder of Loins Future Math Teacher

    I used to struggle with this too. I'll be praying you don't slip like I did!
  11. shikyoblossom

    shikyoblossom Newbie