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Statement of Purpose ***POSTING RULES (Please Read)***

Discussion in 'Chaplains Office' started by drstevej, May 18, 2015.

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  1. drstevej

    drstevej "The crowd always chooses Barabbas." Staff Member Chaplain Supporter

    United States
    Welcome to the Ask A Chaplain Forum!

    Please review the posting rules for the Ask A Chaplain forum posted here.

    Threads and posts in this forum are moderated (i.e. must be approved by a Chaplain before they are visible). Posts and Threads that violate CF rules will not be approved. Likewise, Chaplains have discretion in deciding to approve a thread or not. This also means that not all posts submitted, for example, those that blaspheme God, will be guaranteed an answer from the CF Chaplains.

    The AAC (Ask a Chaplain) forum is not a venue to challenge CF rules, engage in debate or support a member's debates elsewhere, and for the purposes of lengthy doctrinal matters. Also, only the person starting a thread and Chaplains are allowed to post in a thread, other posts will not be approved and will be deleted.

    Answers given by Chaplains are not presented as the official CF position; rather they are the views of the Chaplain posting. The goal is to provide an opportunity to ask a Chaplain a question. Chaplains can see the actual userID of the member who posts a thread, but all non-Chaplain posts are shown with the userID anonymous to those reading this public forum. If you want to preserve your anonymity to the public please do not include personal information that may identify you to others in your posts.

    The Ask a Chaplain forum exists so members can have a discussion with a CF Chaplain about matters such as the member's spiritual well-being, theological worries, problems, confusions, and questions. However, the AAC forum is not a debate forum and only members with spiritual problems or questions should post here.

    Further, the Ask a Chaplain forum is not a place to attack other members, air CF dirty laundry, or preach to the Chaplain staff. This resource exists to help meet the spiritual needs of members and staff alike. We will do our best to offer good, sound, Christian advice.

    Please note: Trolls, graphic, or inappropriate posts will be immediately removed by staff and can be referred for further action. All forum rules apply.

    Once again, all posts made to the Ask a Chaplain forum are screened (moderated). This means that your post will not appear immediately until approved by one of the Chaplains. Do not re-post your content if you do not see it appear immediately after submitting it. This only creates a to-be-moderated duplicate of your originally submitted post. Chaplains are not always on line so it may take as long as twenty-four hours before your post appears. All Chaplains can see posts awaiting moderation and they do not automatically make them viewable to the public before answering them. This prevents others from responding to these posts who are unaware of the posting rules in the AAC forum.

    In general, once a Chaplain has responded to a post, only that same Chaplain will continue to respond to further questions or comments by the original poster. This preserves the continuity of the thought processes in the conversation.

    We receive many messages and requests in this forum and will do our best to address each and every one personally. We ask for your kind patience. If however, we miss your question or you need more responses from us, just reply to you original post and tell us.

    If you have questions about CF in general, before posting in the AAC forums, please review the CF FAQs:

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) | Christian Forums

    We are glad you are here and want to assist you. If you have an urgent or very sensitive matter requiring input from a Chaplain, please consider sending them a Private Message.

    The CF Chaplains
    Last edited: May 25, 2019
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