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Pope Slams Capitalism, Inequality Between Rich and Poor In New Years Message

Discussion in 'One Bread, One Body - Catholic' started by Fish and Bread, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Ave Maria

    Ave Maria Ave Maria Gratia Plena

    United States
    So does the Holy Father condemn all capitalism or only unregulated capitalism? Regardless, I will agree with him no matter what position he takes.
  2. gurneyhalleck1

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    The Pope isn't a hardcore Republican nor a liberal Democrat....in other news, Kim Kardashian is a bubble-brain! :p
  3. To get at the heart of Catholic social teaching requires looking at the purpose of work, the responsibilities of individuals, and the rights afforded to people for them to flourish and for society to function. It should not be looked at as "the Church wants x, y, z policies implemented in every nation." Some nations are incapable of providing certain things, some may do better with other policies.

    Libertarianism is incompatible with Catholicism much the same way as Marxism is, not necessarily because of their policies, but their outlook on humanity and work that informs their policies.

    In terms of a right to health care, the Church views rights as existing in two types, one is an entitlement that society must provide, the other is a freedom so that individuals can acquire things on their own. In some countries, women are denied the ability to have or do something.

    To say that the Church believes that people have a right to healthcare is over simplifying the issue. Some societies do not have the means to provide it, so the best they can offer is the right of freedom to healthcare. For a national conference of bishops to support the right of entitlement to healthcare in their developed (wealthy) nation does not mean the government must provide a form of universal or single-pay system, only that society must find the means not to deny people necessary treatment.
  4. Michie

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    I just saw the B in brain at first & was totally expecting bubble butt.
  5. Michie

    Michie Perch Perkins. Catholic reporter. ;) Supporter

  6. Faith needs to inform every aspect of our lives and how we want to live as a society. It is entirely appropriate for the Pope and bishops to speak about economic and other social issues. Our leaders recognize that they are not experts in other fields, but their expertise in faith and the human person makes it essential that their voice is heard in any public policy.

    There are certain moral issues that the Church considers absolute evils, such as abortion. For that reason, the Church believes that abortion must be illegal in every country. There is no room to compromise on the dignity of the unborn. In terms of what is the best way to handle healthcare or farm subsidies, the Church is not in the position to formulate policies. It does have a place in informing how those polices are shaped.

    Capitalism, when it is unrestricted, is evil. It puts the most vulnerable at risk of exploitation. The early days of the industrial revolution prove this- people lived in deplorable conditions. Colonialism and neocolonialism continue to prove this.
  7. QuantaCura

    QuantaCura Rejoice always.

    Spiritual Antiseptic has said what needs to be said on this issue in his last couple posts, IMO.

    In a nutshell, Socialism and Capitalism are each problematic because they put the material wealth of the society or individual above other superior goods. Both approaches have many good aspects as well, but they are tainted with evils. Likewise, both terms have become somewhat fluid and imprecise, and some may use a term to speak of the goods without the evils.

    I believe Pope Pius XI's encyclical, Quadragesimo Anno, does the best at explaining what is good and bad about each system and why.

    Pius XI, Quadragesimo Anno (15/05/1931)
  8. Veritas

    Veritas 1 Lord, 1 Faith, 1 Baptism

    So you agree with me that all economic systems have their potential downfall? Because that is what I said. I gave an impassioned defense of captialism because so many in the Church (not the pope, btw) are not only anti-capitalist but clearly socialist. They portray socialism as somehow morally superior to capitalism and the salvation for the poor. The Church even appears to present poverty as morally superior to wealth and preferable to it. How's that? As much as I appreciate the "widows mite" from a spiritual point of view, me thinks a wealthy person who is able to provide for many a better option. I believe the bible speaks to the issue well when it says that the LOVE of money is the root of all evil, NOT money itself. The same could be said of capitalism. It is not inherently evil, but there are those who abuse the free markets for their own selfish purposes. That is where the blame lies.


    I never said the Church shouldn't address economic issues. My concern is with a clergy that lacks real insight, practical knowledge and believe that government is an extention of Catholic teaching. I am and never will be a theocracist. I think the Catholic church can be as bad regarding this as Evangelical fundamentalists. The Church's role in expounding on economic principles should be addressed to the individual. That's how the bible treats the issue. Jesus never confused the two. And once again, I would point out that capitalism has been the greatest force for good in the world, over all other economic systems. Is it perfect? No. People will abuse it. But that's not a valid reason to throw the baby out with the bathwater.
  9. S.ilvio

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    But the Pope is confused and can't comprehend economic realities, right..?
  10. DarylFawcett

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