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Pandeism Fish

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by PacificPandeist, May 18, 2010.

  1. PacificPandeist

    PacificPandeist PanDeism is the Reason for my Seasons

    Other Religion
    So what, exactly, is a Pandeism Fish? I've received that question a fair share of times, one for which I surely ought to answer. And so here, by way of a roundabout essay is the explanation behind the Pandeism Fish....


    Symbology is important to any school of thought as it provides an abbreviated way to convey affiliation, as well as in some instances to communicate a shorthand glimpse of the doctrine itself.

    One such symbol is the fish. Now this might bring to mind a particular belief system in these particular times, but in fact the use of a sparse, fish-reminiscent pair of curved lines, just touching at one end and surpassing an intersection at the other, dates back over three-thousand years, pre-originating even the assignment of Pisces to the Zodiac.

    The Christian adoption of the fish-as-symbol, the icthys, may raise an eyebrow. There was already, after all, the cross. And, though miracles or parables involving fish come as readily in the Bible as in the formative texts of, for example, Buddhism or Hinduism, the fish is not shown in any of these traditions to be a particularly venerated class of creature. And yet.... well, there is something about that shape which makes it especially appropriate as a symbol for Pandeism -- and if the pandeistic model is true, this would even go so far as to explain why members of theistic faiths (including, yes, Christianity) have subconsciously gravitated to a symbol greatly explicatory of Pandeism!!

    The Pandeistic Model:

    Consider, first, the pandeistic model; the Creator becomes the Creation; in the beginning (before our physical Universe exists, there is one entity, of substantial (but abstract) intellect, and having substantial capacity to control its own unformed energy. It is not infinite, but neither is it necessarily bounded -- one might describe it as "open-ended" in its creative capacity. This entity, for purposes of acquiring certain knowledge incapable of being generated for its current form, transforms itself, compresses all that it is into a singularity and then bursts forth into a new form, an unconscious will supporting the continued existence of a physical Universe, guided by laws of physics set forth in that very moment of Creation, with a grand unknown outcome but with governing dynamics designed to bring about complexity, culminating in the products of self-accelerating intelligent life (which, in turn, is capable of discovering those governing dynamics, those laws of physics and mathematics, and using them to build mightily upon the capacities delivered to it by nature)....

    Anyone who has seen the map of the cosmic background radiation will note the rather oval shape assigned to it by the instruments reading it (though this oval is the product of an illusion, the true shape of the Universe likely being more spherical). Another sort of "oval" can be generated by envisioning our Universe is bursting forth from a singularity, and then experiencing a long period of expansion (perhaps hundreds of billions of years), reaching an apogee of sorts, a point of maximum expansion, from which it draws back in much the same way, returning to a point of singularity. Such expansion and contraction need not even occur in the three physical dimensions common to our observation, but may occur at higher dimensions, possessed of a curvature which exceeds our present observational capacity.

    The Pandeism Fish:

    And so, if we combine these ideas -- the pre-Universe Creator condensing and collapsing itself into a singularity, envisioned as an open-ended triangle pointing towards the moment of Creation; leading into the oval of our Universe as it is, or as it presents itself to us physically, and as it may operate on a larger cosmological sense, we find ourselves presented with a not unfamiliar shape:

    `..MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMZ* **~**o** ** *`*_**~*** ****~***MMMMM]|
    ` .. @MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMX** **--*-* **** - -* **.... ` ` * **~*MM]|
    ` `[email protected]* * **_ * *** ` * * * * * *` ***O** * *MM]|
    )@ [email protected] [email protected]*****o* ** ** ** ** * *** * * * * ** ** ***MM]|
    `[email protected] @ [email protected]`[email protected]%F#.r{}*** *** *~**. .-. .* *** *// *** * ***..#)]
    ` ) ` ) ` ) }+{ ` ` ` ` *` ` ` ` * ` ` ` ` ` ` * *` ` ` * ` }+ ???]
    ,@ /@./[email protected]/@#H%..**o-*** * *~*** *.. .. ....** **** *~** * */#)]
    / ,? @ @MMMMMMMb** * *O* * * * o**~* *'** *** ** *O* ** * **M]|
    @ ~,/@MMMMMMMMMMMM* * ** ** ** ** *o** _** *** ** * * ***MMMM]|
    , ,/MMMMWMMMMMMMMMMM* **~~* *0*** - ** ** *~*_** *** * *MMMMM]|
    , /MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM*o***~// * * * *o * * ** ** * *XMMMMMM]|

    Now here's where things get really interesting, conceptually. Recall that pandeism accounts for all theistic phenomena -- from all faiths -- as encounters between the limited human mind and the unconscious experience of our Creator underlying the continued sustenance of our Universe. All revelations received and miracles observed can be so explained, without resort to incongruent beliefs in things such as "evil spirits" being permitted to provide "false" revelations to some, while others are permitted to receive "true" revelations. And this accounts, as well, for the human predilection to grasp blindly towards the underlying metaphysical explanation, dressed up though it may become by human biases, fears and aspirations.


    Consider, again, that this fish-shaped device symbolises no petty miracle or mediocre allegory, but instead models an explanation for all observed reality, an explanation which, should the pandeistic model be true, would resonate in the unconscious mind underlying our continued existence, and through that channel into the subconscious mind of humanity. And so it could be said that the adoption by many faiths of the vague outline of a fish -- of the pandeism fish -- indicates this true underlying nature of our Universe, one which accounts for all the graspings of those very faiths!!
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  2. Dark_Lite

    Dark_Lite Chewbacha

    You have some explaining to do regarding contradictory miracles and revelations. I guess you could say that it's our limited human minds twisting the experience with the unconscious Creator, but that answer isn't really any better than incongruent beliefs such as evil spirits being permitted to provide false revelations to some, while others are permitted to receive true revelations.

    Pantheism has problems. The above is one of them. What about morality? What happens if I break God when I step on a stick? I guess you could just say that morality is completely independent of the creator, and purely social/evolutionary.

    And if this being is unconscious what happens when it wakes up? Is it going to wake up? If your fish keeps expanding (which it is going to based on our current knowledge of the universe), eventually it will have an open mouth. It's really more of a sideways mushroom cloud than a fish. The cloud will eventually dissipate, leaving behind nothing but dust and radioactive fallout.
  3. PacificPandeist

    PacificPandeist PanDeism is the Reason for my Seasons

    Other Religion
    The reason the human mind "twisting the experience with the unconscious Creator," really is better than incongruent beliefs is that the latter are assumedly permitted to happen by a deity which is conscious and could stop them (note, this applies equally to isolated populations where people lived and died for centuries with religious beliefs supported by visions from their deities, and never had a chance to even hear of the existence of other faiths).... and no, not a mushroom cloud -- in truth, the original meaning of the Vesica Pisces born out in ancient art was symbolic of an open vagina, with the curves extending beyond it below representing the buttocks....

    And as to morality, a Creator existing alone in all of existence can have no basis of knowledge of a morality contingent upon interaction between beings of limited power -- and so it learns of this through its experience of our Universe, that is our purpose!!
  4. Chesterton

    Chesterton Whats So Funny bout Peace Love and Understanding

    Eastern Orthodox
    Just for the record, the symbol of a fish as used by Christians had nothing to do with the shape of the symbol. In fact, it had less to do even with fish, than with the mere spelling of the word "fish" in Greek; it was a symbol for the related acrostic.
  5. Eudaimonist

    Eudaimonist I believe in life before death!

    While true, I've never accepted this as an explanation for the Christian use of that symbol. At least, the suggestion of a connection is highly speculative, and certainly not proven.