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Over 100+ Free Christian Music Cds, Books, Giftcards from the back to school giveaway

Discussion in 'Christian Music' started by Pearl32, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. Pearl32

    Pearl32 Newbie

    Have you guys seen the

    The Fusemix.com Back To School Giveaway

    Fusemix.com is giving away over 100+ Music cds which include:

    • Martha Munizzi's catalog ( All Her Music Cds & Dvds Autographed as well)
    • Music cd from Plumb( with a bonus cd)
    • Autographed Cd by Carried Away
    • Music from Beckah Shae
    • 5 Newsone cds ( each also contacs a bonus cd that u can give a friend)
    • Gravity by Lecrea
    • and many more
    Books include :

    • (5) Laura Story's 30 day devotional book “What if Your Blessings Come Through Raindrops?
    • 1 Love Story by Nichoel Nordeman ( out today 9/4/2012)
    • Spreading Joy Daily: A year of making a difference for others, while splashing in joy yourself by Marie Wikle
    • and many more
    Apparel & Clothing :

    • Lots of Tshits & Goodies from c28.com ( NOTW)
    • Martha Munizzi's Apparel

    • an Mp3 Player

    • iTune Giftcards
    • Amazon Giftcards

    Here's the link with the full info : The Fusemix Back To School Giveaway | Fusemix.com #Giveaway #BackToSchool