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Discussion in 'Christian Music' started by Kogenta, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. Kogenta

    Kogenta Junior Member

    Its been an extremely long time since I've been back here on the forums, but I've had to do some thinking and soul-searching, getting my life back in order. Moving on, this thread is dedicated to a song which just touches me and bring tears to my eyes every time I hear it, and I wanna share it and the lyrics with you! If you like/love this song, there is info on where to listen to it and I hope it blesses you as much as they did me. The song here in this post is by Christ Tabernacle Choir, and you can find it on Myspace by doing a music search, under Christ Tabernacle Choir. There you'll find a link, you click it and it'll have 3 albums you can listen to.

    Only Jesus.

    Verse 1:
    If you could have seen me, before the Savior found me, then I know that you would understand....

    Oh the change that's happened, since I met the Master, He touched me with that tender nail-scarred hand....

    And in that moment, brand-new life began!

    Only He can take a broken heart, and make it new again,

    Only He can fill a life with joy and break the chains of sin,

    Only He can shed the precious blood that frees us,

    Only Jesus, Only Jesus!

    Verse 2:
    Only Jesus can restore the joy to shattered, broken dreams, and bring a wayward wandering heart to the temple of the King, the King!

    (Repeat Chorus twice.)