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Non-urgent prayer request

Discussion in 'One Bread, One Body - Catholic' started by Fenwick, Oct 23, 2021.

  1. Fenwick

    Fenwick ☩ Broman Catholic ☩

    United States
    I feel dumb asking this because it's not an urgent or critical need like many of our friends come here with, but I'd like to ask a prayer request anyway. Last week my employer sent out a company-wide e-mail about tweaks to their telecommuting policy which seemed to create a bit of an opening for people to continue it even though our policy was originally everyone had to be back working in-office by October 1.

    I've always worked on-site since I got hired at the beginning of the year. I love my job, my coworkers are the best I've ever had, and the job is really something I believe in. However, outside of the job, living in that area feels very soul-sucking. It's better now that my fiancee and her kids have joined me in the area, but city life is just not for me.

    SO, in your charity if you could please pray that the Lord 1) create a path for me to telecommute full-time/permanently, 2) that I would be allowed to do so from wherever I want (preferably my hometown in CA), and 3) that all the other necessary windows would open up to lead us there.

    Obviously in all things: thy will be done, Lord. This is nevertheless a petition, a cry of my heart. I've always desired to raise a family in my hometown all my life, and I'm not there right now. Away from my aging parents, my sister, my friends, and I just really want to have a life again in that respect. If my fiancee and I are lucky enough to have kids after we marry I really want to raise them in my hometown since it was a great place to grow up and I'd like them to be around my family a lot.

    Thanks fam!
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  2. Chrystal-J

    Chrystal-J the one who stands firm to the end will be saved Supporter

    United States
    Praying for you to live in a place that is comfortable to you. :crosseo:
  3. eastcoast_bsc

    eastcoast_bsc Veteran

    Lord I pray that you will bless Fenwick with an opportunity to work remote on a permanent basis. I pray that you will bless his family and his living in a large city.
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  4. Michie

    Michie Human rights begin in the womb. Supporter

    United States
    Praying that God will continue to guide you and amaze you as He has done thus far. Praying that God makes His presence known to all of you. Continued prayers to give His guidance and protection for all of you and grants all of you contentment and happiness as you all settle as a family and find your places in God’s plan in this new life.