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Newly Weds Doomed

Discussion in 'Separation and Marriage Restoration' started by pixie green, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. pixie green

    pixie green New Member

    United States
    I need to vent and I need advice.
    I'm scared. We've been married 2 months. We just told everyone and made it official yesterday.. And I already contemplate divorce... Is there something wrong with me? Do I feel the need to flee because of normal conflict? Or is this relationship seriously unhealthy?
    How do I find out?
    I have no one to compare with... Plus, every couple is different...
    I feel like its just a series of dissappointment after dissappointment..
    Right now I feel like I made a HUGE mistake
    He's not a spirtual leader
    He will never make the effort I crave to have us do our devotion.
    He's been home a week and we haven't done it a single time.
    He just doesn't care about things.
    When hes at work, I feel like I miss him.
    But I must just be lonely
    Because the second he gets home, we fight, I hide for a few hours and then we go to bed.
    I never actually see him.
    We never spend quality time together.
    We're either busy doing stuff
    Or we're at home doing one of two things
    Fighting, or ignoring eachother for our phones.
    If its this bad this early on can you imagine how it will be in 10.20, 30 years?
    Usually these types of disfunctional marriages happen after years of bottling up feelings.
    What is our problem?
    How do I fix this before it ruins us?
    I do love him...
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  2. jsimms615

    jsimms615 Well-Known Member Supporter

    United States
    That doesn't sound very promising. I wonder what things were like before you got married? Did you fight like this? Sounds like some marriage counseling might be in order to help you all get to a better place
  3. SkyWriting

    SkyWriting The Librarian Supporter

    United States
    You're one of the two fighting, you're one of the two people
    on the phone when in the room together, and you have
    control over you. Of the two of you that can change
    you have control over one. Just imagine how much
    better you can be after 30 years of improving yourself!
    If your spouse changes too, then so much the better.
    If he changes you might notice. But if you change, then
    your entire world changes, not just your marriage.

    Great you can open up so much with your first post ever.
    You sound like a promising communicator and leader.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2017