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New Member Here

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by GraceBeliever, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. GraceBeliever

    GraceBeliever New Member

    United States
    Thank you for allowing me to join. I have become disgusted with so many Christian blog sites that seem not to be Christian at all. I hope this one is an exception. We shall see.
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  2. tampasteve

    tampasteve ✡Messianic✞ Staff Member Administrator CF Senior Ambassador Angels Team Supporter

    United States
    Welcome! As with everywhere you will find many great people here, as well as some that challenge you. The difficulties come when we disagree on something, but if we keep a cool head and remain friendly then much ground can be made at understanding each other and our positions.
  3. HTacianas

    HTacianas Well-Known Member

    United States
    Eastern Orthodox
    You'll find that the mods here keep everything under control.
  4. Aussie Pete

    Aussie Pete Well-Known Member Supporter

    I've certainly been on much worse. I hope you are blessed here.
  5. Tigger45

    Tigger45 Jesus the Christ Supporter

    United States
    Welcome to CF!

    Try several different CF sub-forums to find a good fit.
  6. Deade

    Deade Called of God Staff Member Trainee Supporter

    United States
    Hello Gracebeliever,
    welcome to CF.

    I hope you'll enjoy your stay here.


  7. Simon/Rock

    Simon/Rock God is Truth. "Seek and ye(you) shall find."

    United States
    Hi and Welcome to thee CF!(Christian Forums).

    It's hard for me to trust people. For me, the more I've posted, and put who I truly am on this site, the more I've gotten back.

    I think that there are some good people on here. No matter where Christians go, there will be some bad apples with the good.
  8. Steve97

    Steve97 Active Member

    UK - SNP
    Welcome to Christian Forums! We hope you find a home here.
  9. mnorian

    mnorian Oldbie--Eternal Optimist Staff Member Administrator CF Senior Ambassador Supporter

    Hi GB;
    welcome to CF; May the Lord Jesus guide you here as well as in the world; and may you find friends and what ever you need from the Lord here.

    I do have a question for you; do you like music--Praise & Worship music?

    Well we have a new forum here at CF just for P&W music and at the top is a directory of other Christian music threads around CF; come and take a look!:wave:

    Praise and Worship Music


    To The

  10. rturner76

    rturner76 The silent majority needs to wake up Supporter

    United States
    Welcome to the Forums. I think you will find that each sub-forum has it's own sort of culture or atmosphere. Some are very focused on debate. Theology and secular issues get debated all the time.

    Then there are fellowship sub-forums which focus on fellowship and having social interaction with like-minded people.

    I have found many people who are very educated in all topics, especially theology (which can vary depending on denomination/philosophy)

    I have come here for many years and things change over time but I think the moderators do a good job of cutting out the nastiness and vulgarity can go on with many forums.

    I pray you have a good time here and get connected to some good people.