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"My Two Cents Worth" Statement of Purpose

Discussion in '"My Two Cents Worth"' started by Sojourner1, Jan 9, 2018.

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  1. Sojourner1

    Sojourner1 Following my Shepherd Supporter

    United States
    "My Two Cents Worth" Forum Statement of Purpose

    The "My Two Cents Worth" Forum is a non-debate area for our Christian members to share advice with other Christian members. Christian advice is defined as advice which contains basic Christian principles that do not conflict with the site's Statement of Faith. Advice should be shared for the purpose of edifying and encouraging other Christian members.

    We would ask that members direct their responses to the member who started the thread and refrain from debating one another's theological beliefs and viewpoints. Do not use this forum to debate with other Christians as that is not the purpose of the "My Two Cents Worth" forum. If members would like to discuss/debate specific Christian theological doctrines, they should do so in one of the Theology forums.

    Topics of sex or premarital sex are off topic and may not be discussed or promoted in the "My Two Cents Worth" forum. If you wish to discuss this topic without promotion, please do so in the Men's Discussion only/Women's Discussion only private forums.

    If you feel that a post may violate the rules of this SoP, or the sitewide rules, please report the post rather than responding to it. If you have issues with another member and can't work it out, or are disgruntled about a staff decision, please click on the "Support" tab in the header navigation bar, or "Contact Us" at the bottom of the page, and open a new support ticket to discuss the situation with a CF Administrator. Discussion of members or staff actions in the forums is considered disruptive and can result in additional staff actions.

    CF staff reserves the right to edit, remove, move or close any thread when deemed necessary. Please remember that controversial (unorthodox) Christian theology is not allowed in this forum. All posts must adhere to the Christian Forums sitewide rules.
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