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Missions on the East Coast

Discussion in 'Missions, Evangelism & Witnessing' started by Sarahharpmusic, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. Sarahharpmusic

    Sarahharpmusic New Member

    United States
    Hello everyone, thank you for taking the time to read this...

    I am currently doing a year and a half of service in Kentucky. When I am done with this, I would like to spend the summer of 2018 doing some more service in the eastern United States before I head home to New York. I am looking for places I can serve for one to three weeks at a time. Low cost (or fundraising tips) would be the best case scenario. I would prefer Christian organizations with different service options. Mission centers, shelters, places that help victims of abuse, etc. If you know of any places in your area, or places you have served in the past, please comment and let me know. It would be ideal if the place offered free or low cost housing and meals, or a place that doesn't require you to sleep at their facilities so I could partner with churches in the are and be housed. Coming out of a year and a half of service, I will not have too much money to spend.

    I am very grateful for any help you have to offer. Thank you again!
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