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Missing The Symptoms

Discussion in 'Cardiology & Blood Pressure Issues' started by 1watchman, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. pescador

    pescador Newbie Supporter

    My brother (one year older than me) had a heart attack about a year ago. I went for a cardiac stress test then that showed no problems. After I had chest pains in May I went for another cardiac stress test that showed an ST depression(?) toward the end. They told me to talk to a cardiologist ASAP! I saw one and he did a cardiac catheterization that showed severe blockage in three arteries. I'm having triple bypass surgery on September 2. I had a period of time when I was afraid, but then I remembered that 1) I have the peace that passes all understanding in Christ and 2) that the surgeon told me that there is a less than one percent chance of having any serious problems as a result of the surgery. (I thought the odds were greater than that just driving home.)

    Relatives have told me that the recovery is not painful but that I MUST do everything they tell me to do for a successful recovery.

    What are your thoughts?
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2016
  2. 1watchman

    1watchman Overseer Supporter

    Yes, I know something about that as it was prominent in my family history; though I escaped the "bypass" and only needed several stents to open the arteries. Rest will be required at first, then some walking around home, and later regular walking daily. Exercise and good diet will be important for the future. Follow the directions given.

    It has been found by many post-op people that holding a pillow against the chest when inclined to cough is wise, for it feels better. As you say, look up always, for God always cares!
  3. W2L

    W2L Well-Known Member

    I offer my prayers and thoughts brother.
  4. pescador

    pescador Newbie Supporter

    Yes, my brother-in-law who had bypass surgery told me about the pillow. Thanks for the kind wishes.
  5. blessedmomof5

    blessedmomof5 Contributor

    United States
    [QUOTE="Bob Carabbio, post: and After taking advantage of the "Silver Sneakers" medicare program, Gold's Gym membership is free,
    Are you still taking advantage of the silver sneakers program?
    I had enrolled my dad in that years ago.

    The Recovery from this one has been a little more challenging,

    My dad would say the same with every procedure, he'd always say it takes time I'm getting older! I don't bounce back like I use to!

    My Blood chemistry is good, and has been for years.
    Yay! Great news!

    SO - 5 new stents in the last 6 months bringing the total to 21. They'e talking implanted de-fib/pacemaker,
    Did you have the defibrillator implanted?
    I remember learning about the difference between that and a pacemaker for my dad.

    He had the defibrillator implanted. It was a big decision.
    I Pray you are doing well, and are out of the depression