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Statement of Purpose Messianic Judaism Forum Statement of Purpose

Discussion in 'Messianic Judaism' started by Sojourner1, Nov 9, 2015.

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  1. Sojourner1

    Sojourner1 CF Advisory Team, Policy Manager Staff Member Site Advisor Supporter

    United States
    Messianic Judaism Forum Statement of Purpose
    Welcome to the Messianic Judaism forum! This forum is a gathering place for both Jews and Gentiles who have come to believe in Messiah Yeshua and wish to follow in His footsteps, worshiping the one True G-d in His Spirit, Way, Truth, and Life*

    We believe:
    • First and foremost that Yeshua is the promised Messiah to Israel and to the nations.
    • Messianic Judaism is a sect of Judaism that is the fulfillment of the Jewish Scriptures.
    • The books of the Bible (Genesis to Revelation) are ordained by G-d to be His word to us.
    • Messianic Jews and Messianic Gentiles believe the Torah of Moses is the same that Yeshua kept, elucidated, and taught.
    • Yeshua instructed us to ‘Follow Me’, therefore we leave it to each individual to practice Torah (halacha) in a way that he/she believes Yeshua did.
    • Messianic Jews and Messianic Gentiles are equal in Messiah on this forum and are permitted to observe Torah without condemnation.
    • MJs and MGs keep Torah for the love of G-d and to practice sanctified living, not for salvation.
    >>>These beliefs must be respected by all posters<<<
    Posts against these beliefs, or with the following content, will be actioned by staff.​

    Non-negotiable points:
    • No anti-missionary/counter-missionary posts or teachings against the New Covenant books or against Yeshua as Messiah**
    • No replacement theology. No posts teaching or debating that the Church/Christians have replaced Israel or the Jewish people.
    • No anti-Torah theology. i.e. No posts accusing or debating that Messianic Jews or Gentiles are under the law, re-erecting the wall of partition, Torah has been made invalid for today, or Messianic Jews or Gentiles should not keep the commandments in Torah that apply to them. It's not permitted to tell members to keep the Universal (Noachide) laws or not to keep Shabbat.
    --Additional Guidelines--

    Dual Attendance:
    Those who share our beliefs but do not attend a Messianic congregation and are in another denomination may post in this forum with the stipulation that they will not teach their Church doctrines here. Please signify this in your signature or title found under your screen name. Please make sure you have read this thread & have agreed to its provisos before posting here.

    Literature: While we believe that the Bible is the Word of G-d, we also believe that it can be educational and informative to study other Jewish Literature such as the Mishnah Torah, Talmud etc. We believe, as Yeshua taught, that this does not overrule the Torah, nor is on equal basis with Torah, but it can be used to clarify ambiguous passages in the Bible.

    Homosexuality and Same Sex Marriage: may be discussed by MJ members only, however, no promotion of these topics is allowed. Promotion is defined as encouragement of the progress, growth, or acceptance of something including advertising and publicity.

    *Congregational Rules: Do not teach or debate in any Congregational Forum unless you are truly a member and share its core beliefs and teachings. Questions and fellowship are allowed, proselytizing is not.

    **'Anti-Missionary' and 'Counter-Missionary' posts defined as speaking against Yeshua being the fulfillment of Messianic scriptures.
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