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Masturbation without lust a sin?

Discussion in 'Struggles with Sexuality' started by Deeker, Feb 9, 2009.

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  1. Deeker

    Deeker Newbie

    Hey guys I have been to these forums for a while and tried to find out ways I could stop my sexual addictions Ive tried to stop numerous times and failed, but I am getting better. But I have just been wondering if it was possible to masturbate without any lust. Which would make that kind of masturbation ok right? You know without any fantisizing or pornagrophy?
  2. Bellicus

    Bellicus Account no longer in use

    It should be no problem to masturbate without porn, and I also think it is better for people to not use porn at all, I think it is something that do something bad to people. But masturbating and having no fantasies sounds difficult. Also I am unsure how you would think you could masturbate with no lust. Lust is the same as being horny, and you can't masturbate without that? If masturbating is something you wish to avoid, then the bible tell to live in the Spirit to not fulfill the desires. And the bible also tell that those that can't live without it, but is burning with lusts, should get married.

    I often feel a bit frustrated, cause there is no simple solution to all this. It is frustrating to feel a need for sex, and it is also frustrating to not having the ability to feel pure from this need when it can't be fulfilled in a marriage. I guess that is just some of the suffering Christians have to live with, and a reason for why the world is mocking us. And I think the most important thing is to not give up, to not give into a life of sin, but to always turn to God to find help, forgiveness and purity.
  3. Johnnz

    Johnnz Senior Veteran Supporter

    Some people adopt that viewpoint. Others say its impossible. Others say its just wrong anyway. You will need to sift through the various viewpoints and come to your own decision.

  4. Fowler

    Fowler Newbie

    Eastern Orthodox
    Its something inhuman... Whenever you mas*** lustful images kind of appear automatically... Lust is a sin. Sin is a death. Its better to stop mas*** at all. Its addictive. These 5 sec of you know what can turn ya into... I know some ppl who cudnt stop mas*** They just wanted more and more all the time.
    I was struggling 2. I didnt mas like 40 days Then doubts about being young biy health bla bla bla appeared in me. And I started again. Now I totally stopped it and dating with a beautiful gf! I can feel real love :D.
    DOnt allow 5 sec of fun turn ya into robot... Its much worse then robot... Lust separated us from God!
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