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Magic: the Gathering

Discussion in 'Friendship Court' started by theomnifish, Aug 4, 2003.

  1. theomnifish

    theomnifish Junior Member

    Heya. I'm new here so please bear with me...hehe

    To start things of, I'm an Evangelical Christian. I'm just wondering what you all think of the TCG Magic the Gathering. I know a bunch of ppl that play it still, and used to play it myself for a long time, but I've heard ppl, non Christians and Christians alike, tell me that it's bad or it's the work of the devil/Satanic etc. So I'm just wondering what your opinions of the game are, and if you think it's right for Christians to be playing it or not.
  2. Lotar

    Lotar Swift Eagle Justice

    United States
    Eastern Orthodox
    I think you shouldn't play it because it's dorky :D
  3. theomnifish

    theomnifish Junior Member

    LOL! well, I dun play it anymore..and I will concede that it is dorky, but I'm asking from a Christian moral standpoint here
  4. JeFFoo

    JeFFoo Worshiper

    My sunday school teacher from grade four told us that it's a bad game to play that it makes you summon demons and stuff...
  5. Kelly

    Kelly Dungeon Master

    The game concepts/mechanics are so detached from the theme of the cards that it could NOT POSSIBLY be evil/satanic.

    The basic concept is you have a deck of cards with creatures and effects that you use to deplete your opponent's supply of counters (life). Creatures 'attack' and your opponent can use his creatures to 'defend'. There is no occult behaviour behind the use of the cards, it's actually quite boring to watch - you have to play to get any enjoyment.

    If anything could be considered bad about it, it's the fact that it's randomly packaged and collectable, meaning you have to spend quite a lot of money to get a complete set of cards. You can play without having all the cards, though. There are closed deck tournaments at conventions, where everyone is on a level playing field card wise - it's whatever you get inside your unopened deck.
  6. Cobalt Blue

    Cobalt Blue New Member

    I agree wholeheartedly with Kelly.

    I used to play a couple uears ago and I probably have two thousand or so cards stuffed in shoeboxes somewhere in my room (I did not actually buy all those cards myself by the way, a freind who used to play gave me about half of them :)). The reason I stopped was that It was way too expensive a hobby for a person of my income, and it was difficult to find anyone to play with after that stupid pokemon game and then
    yu-gi-o came around and stole all the people I used to play with away. I still whip out one of my decks once in a blue moon if I actually find someone who still plays, but I don't have any cards from any set released in the last 2 or 3 years or so.

    Oh well, it is probably better of this way. There are much better ways for me to spend my time and money :)
  7. Blake

    Blake Musically Challenged

    Magic is just a game. Its like people stretching out that Harry Potter is the devil. If you let the game consume your life, I would say stop playing it. Other than that, as I've said before, its just a game. It might be a little bit more stratigic than playing cards (52 cards/four suits), but it is an expersive game to play.

    I started playing around 4th edition and Ice Age and quit playing around the Alliance expansion. My cards are collecting dust, I need to sell them on eBay.

    But, I don't see any relation between playing Magic the Gathering and being a dork. Or else, its that I'm in denial.
  8. Lotar

    Lotar Swift Eagle Justice

    United States
    Eastern Orthodox
    Your in denial :D
    I thought I was cool too, for the 6 months I played it. But hey, who isn't a dork their freshman year of HS :D

    It's like, "Hey man, lots of cool people play AD&D" :D DENAIL :D
  9. Blake

    Blake Musically Challenged

    I must be in a supreme case of denial Barbarian King Lotar.

    This is going to be confession time for me. I've played magic for a couple years as you know, but also I've played AD&D too. As you will notice I've played AD&D in the past, not the present. I still don't feel like a dork or have I stopped my dorkish ways? Maybe, I've carried my dorkish habits into another area of my life. Are there any other dorkish activities I should steer clear of?

    I hope I'm not a lost cause King Lotar please help me find redemption in this dark area of my life. But, I do not feel "unhip" to the world.

    PS. I played both of these games after my freshmen year of high school.
  10. Noddingdog

    Noddingdog Noderator

    Magic is too dark and evil-oriented for me as a Christian. Even if I did like the TCG the cards are too expensive! I prefer Redemption, a Christian CCG (actually a decent one), the cards are much cheaper and the game is in the same league as Magic for gameplay IMO.
  11. theomnifish

    theomnifish Junior Member

    Thanks for the replies guys...
    i used to play it back when chronicles was released, to about the time of onslaught...which is to say almost 7 years lol!

    I was addicted to it at one point, and I know that was bad...so i eventually stopped playing it. It also got banned at the Christian elementry school i attended just 'cause the principal read the words "sacrifice a creature" on a black card and said that we shouldn't be playing with things that talk about what pagans do.

    It seems, however, that not many ppl have yet to really offer me an answer to my question...lemme just rephrase it...is it wrong for a Christian to play Magic: The Gathering?

    Noddingdog, I've heard of Redemption a long time ago, in an ad from a Magic magazine...but never heard of anyone playing it before. Why is it so good?
  12. Noddingdog

    Noddingdog Noderator


    My personal opinion is that it is wrong for Christians to play Magic: The Gathering, but to explain this best I'll use an article from Doug Gray's excellent website (http://www.bright.net/~gray0013/).

    [size=+1]MAGIC: THE GATHERING®[/size]
    "And now, dear friends, let me say one more thing as I close this letter. Fix your thoughts on what is true and honorable and right. Think about things that are pure and lovely and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. Keep putting into practice all you have learned from me and heard from me and saw me doing, and the God of peace will be with you." Phillipians 4:8-9, New Living Bible Translation
    Many people have asked me, "Will I go to Hell if I play Magic®?" The answer obviously is "No". Yet I believe this question requires more of a response. If you ask any Christian what his/her greatest struggle as a Christian is, he/she will say something like this, "The toughest battles I wage every day are in my mind." Whether the person is thinking about cheating on a test or watching something they shouldn't, the battle initially starts in the mind. There is no person who understood this better than Jesus. Look what He had to say to a group of his followers about one's mind.
    "You have heard that it was said to those of old, 'You shall not commit adultery.' But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart." Matthew 5:27-28, New King James Version
    Say what? The person didn't even touch a woman! How could he have committed adultery? But he did. Jesus knew that every sin starts with a thought in the mind. He realized that if you control your thoughts, you will control sin. Going Back to Magic®. Look at the cards. What thoughts enter your mind? Are they good ones? Are they thoughts that help lead you closer to Christ or farther away Him? Getting past the cosmetics of the cards, the philosophies and religions that the cards are based on are those that oppose Christianity. Most cards are based on ancient pagan religions: Eastern Mysticism (New Age), Egyptian and Druid worship. Many of the Druid and Eastern beliefs are quoted at the bottom of cards. These beliefs center around gods/godesses with their powers coming from the hills, swamps, mountains, trees, skies, etc. They believe power also comes from one's inner self. I find it interesting that Magic is based on ancient religions yet Christianity, the world's largest religion, is hardly used as a source. My closing thougth, as the verse at the beginning of this passage stated, you become what you put into your mind. If you think about only good things, you can't be anything but good. If you put in negative things, they will corrupt the good. Period.

    I think this is a good article to explain this, and it supports my personal views. But getting back to the gameplay, I have another article ( :D ) from Redemption CA:

    Many people have converted from playing Magic: the Gathering to Redemption, for several reasons. Redemption is more fun and less expensive. It is easier to collect and has a much better point to it. Redemption is based on the characters, artifacts, sites, and attributes from the Bible. It has been available since 1995. An original set and 4 expansion sets have been printed. New 2nd Edition Starter Decks have been released. So far, there are over 800 (edit: there are now over 1200) different cards in the game (and growing). It is a superb game. It has an incredible amount of variety in deck construction and plays very well even with a starter deck. The game is growing and builds in complexity and excitement with each new expansion set. I heartily recommend it (in case you hadn't already discovered that).

    Following is an attempt to compare the game mechanics of Redemption to those of Magic the Gathering:

    In Magic, you try to decrease your opponent's life points from 20 to zero. In Redemption, you try to be the first to rescue 5 Lost Souls (or 7 in a long game).

    In Magic, you basically play one army, with which you attack and defend. In Redemption, you play two different armies: a hero army and an evil army. On your turn you use your hero army to try to rescue a lost soul. On your opponent's turn, you use your evil army to block your opponent's hero army.

    In Magic, there are 5 different "colors". In Redemption there are 7 different hero colors (called brigades), and 6 different evil brigades.

    In Magic there is a "casting cost" to play a card. In Redemption, there is no casting cost.

    Both Magic and Redemption can be played 2-player or multi-player.

    In Magic and Redemption there are #/# abilities for strength and toughness.

    Both Magic and Redemption have special */* cards whose abilities vary by situation.

    Both Magic and Redemption have Artifact cards.

    There are "first strike" cards in Redemption, which is a term also seen in Magic.

    There are also many unique abilities in Redemption, which are described in the rulebook.

    Here are some comments from a former Magic: the Gathering player:
    "I am used to playing magic the gathering, but my wife and other church
    friends have aversions to it. I understand why, just couldn't find another
    game out there that was fun and morally fit for me. I have now found

    "I was a heavy magic player, also another little known one called ultimate
    combat. Magic is very versatile and far more complex ( you have over 14,000
    cards to use for decks, if you can afford them). I have been playing
    Redemption for a couple weeks and found it to be simple and direct. I only
    have a couple hundred cards so far but I love the principle. I am also
    recruiting the youth of my church to play with me. Redemption is like a tag
    team game. You have good and bad guys in your deck. Hero's and villains.
    Hero's attack to try to rescue a "lost soul" card. The villains of course are
    there to prevent that. There are hundreds of variations in enhancement cards
    to play on your hero or villain to pump them up, beat them down, and remove
    them entirely. It is very strategic and worthwhile. And it is cheaper right
    now than MTG . . ."

    I hope this info helps you out and gives you some info on Redemption. If you get round to playing it, please send me a PM! :D

    God Bless