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Johnson wants to negociate?

Discussion in 'General Politics' started by helmut, Aug 22, 2019.

  1. helmut

    helmut Member

    On his tour through Europe, Boris Johnson tries to give the impression he wants to negotiate a new agreement on the Brexit. But there are serious doubts he really wants that:
    • As to the main point stressed by Johnson, the "backstop", there is no need to negotiate a new agreement, just negotiate (as the agreement demands it) a solution to the question on the Irish border.
    • If there is a proposal for a solution of this problem, e.g. Northern Ireland to stay in the EU (and still being part of the UK, of course), Europe is ready to negotiate it. As Merkel has hinted, a solution might be found within 30 days.
    • But there seem to be no proposal by Johnson, so there is nothing one could negotiate about - until Johnson breaks his silence on this point.
    • As to a new agreement, the EU does not want to start the negotiations all over again. Even the discussion within the EU which points should Europe demand in exchange of concessions to the UK, might take time well into October. The only way that might convince the EU to start a new agreement talk is: Stop the Brexit until the new agreement is negotiated and ratified. Is Johnson willing to propose that?
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