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Is there something wrong with my thinking or is my family bad?

Discussion in 'General Struggles' started by Andrew98, Dec 14, 2019.

  1. Andrew98

    Andrew98 Well-Known Member

    United Kingdom
    My family is not very close knit. My grandparents never really bothered with me or my siblings and don’t seem to really care about us. They even lied once so they could go to someone else house for Christmas instead of being with my family.

    I’m quite a shy person and don’t like people talking about me. I placed well in my university degree and won an award in a different country. I never tell anyone apart from my immediate family my exam results, grades or my business in general and so I didn’t wish other people apart from these few individuals to know.
    I told them not to tell anyone else as I’m very private person and yet my dad betrayed me and decided he’d tell my grandparents - I did not want this as they don’t really care about me and just instead gossip things to other people about me. My dad told them not to tell anyone but the next day they call my mother and think I’m weird for being private about things and so they don’t listen and they tell the rest of my entire family and dear knows who else - a bunch of people who don’t care about me. No one called me or told me “well done”, I’m just a little bit of small talk to people and that’s it.
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  2. KateforChrist

    KateforChrist Koalas are NOT bears

    Unfortunately that is just how some people are. I don't think it's that your family is unusual, in fact it's probably quite the opposite and that it is fairly normal. The way they are "normal" may be different to how other families are "normal" It's important to realise that the "perfect families" that we see in movies and on TV are not the reality.
  3. Ahermit

    Ahermit Active Member

    Since you told us what you don't want others to know, I assume you want others to know, but do not know how to cope with that sort of attention.

    Perfectionists have the same sort of problem. No matter how good they are, they always find fault in themselves. If anybody congratulated them on job well done, they would be become fearful of others finding their imperfections. But, hey, nobody is perfect.