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I made it to my forties, with a little 'fluid intelligence' intact!

Discussion in 'GEN X (1965 to 1980)' started by Gottservant, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. Gottservant

    Gottservant God loves your words, may men love them also Supporter

    Hi there,

    So yes, I tried to compare notes with people on being thirty, but not a lot was said. Now I am forty and a whole new perspective has started to dawn on me. I have a little 'fluid intelligence" which is gradually increasing and I feel like the path of tilling the earth along the way is starting to work for me - like Jesus is happy with my attitude, sort of thing.

    I'm not sure where to go from here, just that I am much happier focusing on improving my walk with the Lord, than arguing with Him that I am some sort of progression of the dust that He doesn't recognize - as the Bible says "the child will be blessed, but the sinner being a hundred will be cursed". I am a little out of touch, mentally, but its nothing that can't be slowly contextualized.

    So yes, I am interested if anyone has a slew of tips to do with turning forty, or whether the idea is that you just sort of wing it, until you are with the Lord again - certainly I am not going to be disappointed with my walk with the Lord, that's all I really wanted to say. My favourite verse is still my favourite, well, I imagine it is anyway - the one I cling to most is Luke 8:18 "he that hears, to him more will be given" (correct reference?) and I think its going to be instructive as to what I remember of my forties, as much as anything else.

    It's true, isn't it? The Lord is good!
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  2. Mel333

    Mel333 Active Member

    Hi there, I don't see age as an issue only to live according to what Jesus says, Love God and to love your neighbour as yourself.

    You can still walk with the Lord here and now no matter what age you are. :)
  3. JAM2b

    JAM2b Newbie

    United States
    I think that being an older adult makes us able to understand and accept more than we were able to when we were younger. Full mental and emotional development along with experience helps with understanding. Most of us no longer raising young children frees us up time wise.

    I feel more secure in my faith now than I did before, no longer afraid to ask questions or critically examine teachings and practices. I feel a greater need to focus on physical health and leaving a legacy of faith and a good example.
  4. Gottservant

    Gottservant God loves your words, may men love them also Supporter

    Thanks for sharing, guys!
  5. Gracia Singh

    Gracia Singh Newbie Supporter

    United States
    I'm not forty yet, just thiry-four, but as I get older, a lot of spiritual / theological panic has melted. I used to kind of feel smug and superior, and also feel a terrible need to shove as much Gospel into every single conversation that I could.

    I think the Lord has helped me grow less arrogant, more humble, and quieter, too. I don't save people by ramming information / clear signs of my disapproval all over the place. God saves people through grace. Prayer is a go-to now, instead of debate. That's a change.

    I'm not perfect. I'm a failure, and a mess. But God is walking me through that mess. I just have to let Him.

    Laudetur Iesus Christus.