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I can't remember the name of this song I heard

Discussion in 'Christian Music' started by kikory, May 31, 2010.

  1. kikory

    kikory Newbie

    One morning, like, last year, I woke up really early from nightmares and couldn't get back to sleep. So when this happens, I usually sleep on the couch with Sirius the Message playing on my T.V. really loudly. When I started to wake up again, I heard this wonderful song playing. It really gave me goosebumps and I thought, while half asleep, "this song could be really useful to know". I looked at the T.V. to check out the name and the artist before I promptly fell asleep. When I woke up, it was 2 hours later and my T.V. wouldn't rewind far enough to see the song.

    It's been driving me crazy ever since. I can't remember the artist name, I can't remember the song title, I can't remember any of the lyrics. I can't even remember the tune! And yet, I remember the song as clearly as if it's playing inside my head all the time.

    Anyways. Here is what I DO remember, and hopefully it will ring a better bell to SOMEONE than it does to me:

    The artist was male, he sounded young, but you never know with these artists. The name was his name, not a band name. He sang alone, without any background vocals. The song itself was in his own perspective, talking to his mother, who'd given him up when he was born. He'd never met her, but he was thanking her for actually giving him a chance to live. And it spoke of how his life turned out and that she'd be really proud of him.

    It was a really nice song, and it touched my heart extremely deeply as if it was speaking directly to me (and I can't even relate to it!). I always think about how if it touched my heart like that without relating to me, how would it be to someone who it CAN relate to. And it really bothers me to think about that and NOT know what the song is.

    So can someone possibly tell me what song it is?


  2. Unfit'for'swine

    Unfit'for'swine Member

  3. kikory

    kikory Newbie

    That's an interesting song, but it's not the one I heard, unfortunately.

    The song I'm thinking of is written more in first and second person, not third.

    Singing in the perspective of the abandoned child - explaining how he grew up - and singing directly to the mother whom he never new.
  4. nelle9195

    nelle9195 Guest

    hmmm.i have no idea
    but i know of a song a little kinda like that.
    its called oklahoma by billy gilman......