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Hypothetical, yay!

Discussion in 'Archived - Ethics & Morality' started by Nightson, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. Nightson

    Nightson Take two snuggles and call me in the morning

    Here's the hypothetical situation.

    You know that John Smith killed Mr. X. You know this because he confessed it to your face. John Smith incidentally did not kill Mr. X with any sort of noble reasons. Now unfortunately, there's no evidence, nothing that can tie him to the crime, even after you tell the police what you heard.

    And here comes the dilemma. Mr. Y, a friend of Mr. X, wants to take justice in his own hands, and he's come to you for help. What do you do? Would your answer change if you had a 100% certainty of not getting caught?
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  2. rambot

    rambot Senior Member

    I'd go to the police...
  3. Blackguard_

    Blackguard_ Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos.

    I wouldn't help, but I wouldn't say anything should John Smith be found missing a head or something either.
  4. marblehead

    marblehead Veteran

    Same here.

    I would go to the police because I would not risk my freedom for murderous idiots. I would not help Mr. Y, even with 100% certainty of not being caught, because I would still have to live with myself.

    I'd rather have the real justice system figure it out than have Mr. Y's vigilantism.