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How were you saved?

Discussion in 'Friendship Court' started by gospel, Dec 27, 2001.

  1. gospel

    gospel Missionary to the Masses

    I was saved at a youth camp when I was 15. God spoke to me in an audible voice, and I gave my life to Him. How did you become saved?
    We teamed up with Faith Counseling. Can they help you today?
  2. smiley

    smiley Smile, you're on camera!

    I was born a Christian, but accepted Jesus as my personal Saviour when I was then at Sunday School. I can still remember it!
  3. Kristen

    Kristen Blah Blah

    Same here smiley. I excepted Jesus very young and he has been with me ever since.

    [This message has been edited by Kristen (edited 28 December 2001).]
  4. CHR!$T!@N

    [email protected] Follower of Christ

    I read my brother's bible, got convicted, and was saved!
  5. rkbo

    rkbo Member

    Weeellll I was parachuting into the dense rainforests of the Congo when my chute ripped open. I was falling near a 100 mph when....... acually I was saved in a Nazarene church at 13 and can remember the whole experience. God has been working on me for quite some time now. I don't mold that easy. Guess my clay was a little too dry. I've finaly learned to let him do his thing and my life is much better for it.
  6. marmaladePRO

    marmaladePRO Active Member

    rkbo, you really had me going... i was actually sitting up in my seat as i read your account... and then... [​IMG] excellent intro!!!

    Both of my parents gave their lives to Christ soon after their marriage. At the age of 4 i invited and accepted Jesus Christ into my heart and life! i was filled with the Holy Ghost then, as i am now and have been growing in grace and truth ever since!
  7. Mat777

    Mat777 Member

    okay - so I have a long story and it is just a copy here from another site - it may be longer than what you were looking for but it is worht a look - GOd has done great hings in my life that are worth reading about.
    My story is long and complicated but I will try to tell you as much as I can right
    now. I was in a horrible relationship where the two of us did nothing good and were
    totally wrapped up in each other. So I broke it off. Consequently I was looking for
    new friends - and this guy I had discussed Emerson with invited me to go to a show
    - so i went and found ouit it was a Christian concert sponsored by rock for life and
    I freaked. But I stayewd and hear a bunch of metalcore bands and then everyone
    was so nice to me and I remember saying "this is the first time anyone has not
    treated me badly when I hung out with them". They gave me a POD tape (it was
    about the time southtown come out) and invited me back. SO i started hanging out
    with them. Started going to a Bible study, mostly to argue and kept going to
    shows. I always wanted to be the kid who went to local shows and stuff and now it
    was happeneing and it was cool. Life was getting good. THen one night at this Bible
    study I was in a field and arguing all my relativism stuff and this other girl was
    argueing her anti-God stuff and then she had to leave. IT basically turned into an
    intervention (LOL) with lots of Christians telling me why I needed God and Jesus -
    but this one guy was just so strong in what he believed that I was really listening.
    He stopped and looked up at the sky (we were in a field) and was like look at that
    it is God's master piece everynight (it was a beautiful sunset) and I thought about
    it and was like, that can't be explained by science - reactuions can but beauty can
    not. ANd God was like here I am and I was like "COOL!" - I can'
    t remember the exact moment but I know that is the night and why I accepted
    Christ. I almost got hit by a car the next day because I was stariung at the sky
    going wow! God! It was cool because three days later I was in my mom's car and it
    was more beautifulk then that night - it was like someone had taken the clouds
    section from your earth science book in high school and had thrown it up in the sku
    and I was like this is God. And he spoke to me - it was somewhere between audible
    and just in my head but I knew it was him and it was almost tangible and he told
    me exactly what i needed to hear (Which was basically stop being so touchy and
    lighten up) I did and immediately myt friends knew i had had an experience with the
    Lord. This wqas in August 2000.

    All the things God has done in me since this time is simply amazing!!!
  8. Georgia Caroline

    Georgia Caroline Guest

    My daddy is a preacher, so I've grown up never missing a service, unless I was sick or pretending I was sick. I wasn't the bad "preacher's daughter", I was good, I had everyone believing I was the good little Christian girl, including myself. I thought I was saved when I was seven at a church camp, but when someone would ask me that question "If you were to die tomorrow, do you know for sure where you would go?" I always came up blank. I could just picture myself standing before the angel studdering. People always said that you would just know, like being in love, but I didn't and I was scarred. I tried to act like nothing was wrong, that I was just paranoid (sp?). I got into highschool and things were going great, at my school there are two elementry schools that combine to form the highschool. I had made it in with the cool girls from the other school, and I was the only cool one from my school (or so I thought) so things were going great. The stud quarterback happened to be a freshman also, and happened to be my boyfriend, I was Football Homecomming Queen, I am one of two freshmen to accomplish this. They even changed the rules after that so that freshmen could no longer run. Things were going great! Then a couple of weeks after we got back from Christmas vacation I was over at a friend's (from the other elementry schoool, Marissa) house when I found out that the other girls didn't like me, hated me infact. They were always talking bad behind my back, but that couldn't be true, they were my friends, they were so nice... So we called them, or my friend did while I listened on the other line....yeah, they hated me....So life sucked, I hated highschool, hated my friends, hated track the most! I was all by myself....except for Marissa. We would stay up long nights and talk about how stupid those other girls were, and why did so many guys like them, they were so stupid...this got us nowhere but down. Then we started talking about God, this was new to me, the only time I had Jesus talks was at church, not even at home. Well we ended up finding out that both of us were in the same boat, had been all our lives. We would go through waves as we called them. We would be on fire for Christ, then splat, down again. This had gone on for years, and still was. Crap! How could we get out of this?? There was no answer. At the beginning of this year we decided to become FCA officers, we got these cool new bibles, that were so easy to understand, and we now had to put on a good front for our friends, we couldn't have them thinking of us as hipocrites, now could we?? We found it was really easy. Our only problem was when it was just the two of us....Sinners. We went to Festival Con Dios...WOW!! We were on a high for a couple of weeks from that one! The the best thing ever happened... we figured it all out! We went to this play, 'Heaven's gates, Hell's flames' it got us thinking about how selfish we were, only caring about ourselves, our friends who we see everyday, we hadn't done one thing to help them. Boom! He had spoken to our hearts once again, and this time we had heard! It was amazing! God is truly wonderful! Since then we have changed! Bigtime, we can't get enough of him, sure we still have our ups and downs, but everyone does, he tells us we will! She is my stronghold! It seems like everytime one of us is down the other is up, and pulling!!! I love Marissa, she gets me back on the right track.
    Since this has all happened I have wondered why I didn't find him earlier, then I realized that he was waiting for us to find each other, we are not strong enough without each other, but together, with him "We can walk on water!" Have you ever heard that song by Watermark? More than you'll ever know? It explains our relationship. Without the Holy Spirit, I would not be typing this right now, but also without Marissa. In fact she told me about this web site!!
    Thank you for reading this novel about my life if you are wanting a sequel, just email me, and I'll be happy to write you one!! I love you and God bless you!!

    Share each other's troubles and problems, and in this way obey the law of Christ. Galations 6:2

    [This message has been edited by Georgia Caroline (edited 02 January 2002).]
  9. john316

    john316 Member

    Wow, Georgia, that was a cool post! God bless you and God bless Marissa!
  10. Marissa loves Jesus

    Marissa loves Jesus New Member

    God truly works in mysterious ways! I am so unworthy of God's mercy! At around the middle of this post you're gonna be thinking what a jerk i was, but don't worry it gets better! I get saved! So don't give up on me! [​IMG] I have always grown up in church-- always always. My dad and Grandpa were both preachers. But unlike Georgia, i never felt like i had to be a good girl. i was always getting into some sort of trouble. And i did all through elementary school. Except when i got up into junior high, i took getting in trouble to a new level. All i ever wanted to do was have fun, and when someone would think something would be fun, i was always the first to do it. That's how i mad my friends, i did whatever they wanted me to. I would do so ma ny stupid things and i have SO many regrets. Still, i remained in church and i could put on the best Christian act you'd ever seen. But then when i got up into high school, new things become fun, and church was not one of them. So i would fight with my parents every church day and would always try to find a way to get out of going. And when i had to go, i would totally zone myself out. i would pick a spot on the wall behind the preacher and stare at it the entire service, acting like i was paying attention. I never took church seriously. It wasn't that i didn't understand, just that i didn't want to feel guilty about the life i was living. No matter how powerful a sermon my preacher would give, no matter how thick my youth leaders would lay it on me, no matter how upset i would make my parents, i didn't care. As long as i could still have fun or if i had someone around to have fun with, i didn't even think about what a jerk i was. And it got to the point where i would almost do anything just to have fun. i was horrible! Then, i met someone who was a blast to hang out with and we ran track together and somehow one night we got to talking about GOD and how we weren't right with HIM. She was the first person i ever had a "Jesus talk" with as well as the first person who i actually listened to. God began to work in my heart, but i still didn't want to give up the life that i was living because i thought was just having a blast. When really i was so lost. Then at just the right time it seemed, my youth group went to "Festival Con Dios". Amazingly enough, it was the funnest thing i had EVER been to. It was then that i realized that being a Christian can be fun. I started to like going to youth service, my youth leaders were funner than fun and they really seemed to care about the youth. We did so many things that summer and i really tasted God through their example for us. I stopped doing the things i was doing, but i was still only going through the motions of being a Christian. Georgia and I were both at exactly the same place and so we signed up to be FCA officers, but we only did it for ourselves and not for God. I was so selfish. And then, finally God hit me HARD at that play "Heaven's Gates, Hell's Flames" And he opened my eyes and i began to see things so much more clearly... including myself and what an awful sinner i was. It was then that i truly felt God's love. HE just told me that HE was there and HE wrapped HIS arms around me. Since then, i have been completely bound to HIM. That night me and Georgia both completely surrendured our lives to HIM. And now we share a best friend-JESUS. And she has been such a blessing to me. She is my God sent. I love her so much and i don't know where i'd be spiritually without her everyday to be there always reminding me that GOD loves me and to pick me up when i'm down and carry me back to God. God's plan for our lives is perfect. It's amazing how God still loves even the worst sinners! And it's amazing the blessings you'll recieve when you give your life completely to GOD. I wouldn't have believed it this time last year, but God has opened my eys to the truth!!! And... and... and... I LOVE JESUS!!! And even though i probably will never see any of you other members here on earth, i can't wait to meet you in Heaven!!!

    "But that is why God had mercy on me, so that Christ Jesus could use me as a prime example of his great patience with even the worst sinners. Then others will realize that they, too, can believe in him and recieve eternal life." -1 Timothy 1:16
  11. jayebrownlee

    jayebrownlee Senior Veteran

    When I was about 15 I was "working" fopr an evangelical charity called Youth for Christ, it was the people there who made me realise how inadequate my faith was (that makes it sound like they did it in a bad way, but it was lovely) and it was the pople there who hjelped me make a proper commitment to God.

    God truly used them and saved my soul.
  12. dkemp_ok

    dkemp_ok New Member

    Interesting question.

    Here is my story. I was raised going to a small Southern Baptist Church. At 15 I made my public profession of faith and was baptised. However in the ensuing years I drifted away from the Church for a variety of reasons. Most of them involved my foolish concept of my own importance and the faulty goals that I set for myself in my life. When personal crisis came, I was unprepared to deal with it and went into a dark time that lasted a couple of years. At the lowest point, God sent Harriette, who I later married, to me to our church's prayer labyrinth one evening. As I walked the path, I was convicted of the mess I had made of my life and asked God to forgive me. As I continued to walk, the knowledge that, yes, I was forgiven and that God had work for me to do came to me in a way that I had never experienced before. One split second it was not there and the next it was as if it had been taught to me all my life. So when was I saved at 15 or on the labyrinth?

    Dan K.
  13. carmen

    carmen Active Member

    Well I gave my heart to the Lord when I was about 7 fell away as I was not brought up in a Christian home. Then I was hanging out the washing in my early 20's when God said to me. Where do you come from?
  14. girlscoutdropout

    girlscoutdropout scroll button 1, 2, 1, 2!

    it was almost two years ago.  i had left the catholic church at about age 17 or 18, and started looking for something, but i didn't know what.  all i knew was that i felt very empty.  anyhow, after going to many different churches and bible studies, my new boyfriend took me to his church.  the message that sunday happened to be about the evils of man-made religion, and for some reason, i just started to bawl.  i cried all through the message, adn i had no idea what was going on.  anyhow, after the service, my boyfriend and other family members came and prayed over me, and i've been God's girl ever since:D
  15. 4jc

    4jc Active Member

    Well, to make a long story kind of short.
    At age 12, my friend Kenny(12 also) and I went to go and buy some pumpkins. We both attended Salvation Army, and on the way back to my grandma's house, Kenny started to explain to me about what Jesus did for us sinners.
    We both sat down on the grass and talked about God and I gave myself to God.
    It was a real nice day and the leaves were falling off the trees and I will never forget it as long as I live.
    I thank God for Kenny. It is truly amazing what God can do, even with a 12 year old boy. God used Kenny to get to me and it worked. :clap:

    Praise God :bow: :clap:
  16. Phoebe

    Phoebe TwoBrickShyOfAFullLoad

    How was I saved?

    I was aved by the blood of the Lamb. By grace through faith. :bow:
  17. george

    george Veteran

    I got saved about 7 or 8 yrs. ago, I was home alone when I came to Christ, It was kind of strange though, cause I never heard how to even ask christ to saved me,I was having alot of problems and fears of dying,
    I remeber having a dark cold feeling in my heart, then I poured my heart out in tears, and words from somewere just started uttering out of my mouth. I started telling Jesus how it was just no fun living without him,then I went in my room and ask him to be my Lord, then all the sudden I  felt the resurrection power of Jesus rising in my heart. It was such a fire in me and I felt so clean, I knew I had been born again, then I notice that the fear was gone,the cold dark feeling was gone.I had peace, and felt very safe.and the everyday problems  I had, It no longer had a hold on me. I don,t know why he saved me In that manner, but I,am glad he did.
  18. altya

    altya Servant of God


    This blesses me, because a time ago I found my bible in my youngest room. She certainly must have read it.
  19. KeepTheFaith15

    KeepTheFaith15 Thats Me whats can i say?

    i was saved at summer camp, just something inside of me lit up and just wow it was ana amzing feeling, i mean i cried a few tears the first night when i got saved but the last night was the most amazing experience ive ever felt cause we new it was our last day and i knew when i came home things would go downhill and i was scared and i was thankful god had rescued me and i just started weeping i mean totally heartfelt and sincere my friend took me out of the room i was crying so hardi dont know where it all came from but it felt so good and so amazing i know god was doing something for me. praise the lord!
  20. webboffin

    webboffin NOT APPLICABLE

    Saved huh? It is best we try to do God's wishes as much as we can through our lives (though I am still struggling with that) and we will only know if we are saved or not when we die and then by the power of the Lord we are ressurected. Our saviour is Gods' mercy not our decision, so the verdict is still open until then.
    I am humble enough to realise that nobody should expect a guaranteed place in heaven as we all still have to go through judgement and I still have unforgiven sins in my life.
    Or am I wrong about this?