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How To Deal With Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons

Discussion in 'Missions, Evangelism & Witnessing' started by Ave Maria, May 4, 2006.

  1. Ave Maria

    Ave Maria Ave Maria Gratia Plena

    United States
    I find these pages to be very useful in dealing with the two groups!

    What Jehovah's Witnesses Believe

    Five Don'ts for Dealing with Jehovah's Witnesses


    The Witnesses: Masters of Misquotation

    Distinctive Beliefs of the Mormon Church

    The Gods of the Mormon Church

    Mormon Stumpers

    Mormonism's Baptism for the Dead

    Problems with the Book of Mormon

    There are many more articles on these two false religions at Catholic Answers! Just search for them. :) Oh and don't dismiss these articles just because they come from a Catholic site. Many if not all of these articles should be perfectly acceptable from the Protestant point of view as well. :)
  2. semperfi_psalm121

    semperfi_psalm121 Member

    Love them and if they try to debate, love them.
  3. rainbowpromise

    rainbowpromise Senior Contributor

    Right now I am on the Jehovah's Witness blacklist again. It is so funny when my adult kids see them coming, they hide and yell for me. I have found that if I turn them away, they come back next month. If I talk to them without knowledge, they come back more often. If I talk with them and know what I am talking about, it is often just about a year before they return to my door.

    As for Mormon's I normally just turn them away politely. However, I am related to some. Rather than push anything, I like to just let it flow naturally. For example with this relative staying with me for the past few weeks, she has seen family like never before. She has asked questions and was surprised to hear that some of the "facts" that she has been told are not true, including the methods of translating different Bible versions. I did not tell her they were untrue, I just told her about the Bible scholar that visited our church and facts that he shared about the early printings of the Bible in German and English. I don't think I changed her views, but I added some doubt.
  4. 4square

    4square ~ Hatred stirs up fights - love covers all sins ~

    Whatever you do, dont just slam the door in their faces - it just makes them more resolved in their belief that THEY are the true Christians....
    Witness to them - I used to be a Jehovah's Witness, a Christian witnessed to me while i was at her door - and about a year or so later I and my family decided to find truth (if what she was saying was true) and were all saved and became Christians not long after, all because a Christian took the time and witnessed to me.
    I thank God for her and Christians like her....be blessed and bless others with the truth of the gospel.
  5. BarryK

    BarryK Well-Known Member

    From my own experences, I found that arguing with various decieved members of non christian religions NEVER works, you can not argue them out of their faith as they can argue them out of yours.

    I believe that it was Francis of Assisi who said words to the effect of " Preach the gospel 24/7, then if that dont work, open your mouth"

    Show them Christ in you, Love on them, Stand in the Gap for them, Interceede for them. Yes it is important to know the many lies, manipulations and misrepresentations of the Gospel that these various groups spread, but remember that they have been decieved into believeng this stuff. The most effective "counter cult evangalism" is by prayer and intercession
  6. Sharky

    Sharky Rockin dude!

  7. wcwred

    wcwred New Member

    Am i missing something here? People on this forum can openly state that Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses are false cults (which of course, they are because of teachings that contradict scripture) but if someone says anything against Catholocism (which also has many teachings that are not in scripture) they are awful fundamentalists. Something wrong with this picture.

    And for those select few that may believe I'm talking about minor doctrines such as tongues, or prosperity, or healing or whatever; I am not. I am talking about idolatry, salvation by works, etc.

    So please explain it to me...
  8. Valentine

    Valentine Legend

    I would ask that you read Christian Forums FAQ which explain for purposes of this Forum what is considered to be Christian. Catholics profess belief in the Nicene Creed which is quoted in Forum Rules. If you have questions about the beliefs of the Catholic Faith, you may wish to read the posts in One Bread, One Body, but posting in that forum is reserved for Catholics or those who wish to learn about the Catholic Faith, but not debate its tenets. This particular forum is not for the purpose of debating the beliefs of other Christians, however I will tell you that Catholics do not practice idolatry and specifics of their Faith are not open for debate on this forum. There are many Christian religions whose belief structure embrace salvation through faith by works. Again, please refer to the Nicene Creed for the Forum's position regarding Christianity. :prayer:
  9. ttreg

    ttreg Myself

    wow it wasnt till i read this thread that i noticed thats it been a VERY LONG time since a Jehovah's Witnesses or Mormon has come to my door.when my mom is around she basically tells them "get away you little evil things!" which i wouldnt do but when i answer the door they ask for someone 18 or over and since im not they just give me a little track to give to parents. i admire them i just whish that more churches would start doing this
  10. wcwred

    wcwred New Member

  11. Kutl3ss

    Kutl3ss =w=

    We just need to love them, and be polite to them.
  12. Randombitsofstring

    Randombitsofstring Well-Known Member

    I agree.

    It really irates me when people act likes it is ok to be rude to Jehovah Witness. I’m not usually bothered by them, but when they come to my door, I listen to their spiel, politely accept what ever pamphlets they want to hand out, if they invite me to their church I tell them I’ll consider it; if it’s a hot day I’ll even go so far as to offer them a bottle of water and then I send them on their way. If they get rude or pushy I send them on their way quickly, but I don’t think I’ve ever had one get in my face.
  13. icbeckyc

    icbeckyc Well-Known Member

    You know they haven't showed up in a long time. I seem them in our neighborhood alot, but I don't know if I just miss them or what, but I would say years. I am not complaining. I hate the feeling of wanting to slam the door, but knowing that isn't the right way to handle it. So I chat for a few minutes and then tell them I like my church.
  14. hiumble1

    hiumble1 Senior Member

    I would ask you to check out Sharky's Post It Is right on.....

    More often they both believe the Jesus is not god....
    You can ask them to give you some characteristics of God write them down.... and them go to the place in the Bible that shows the same characteristic of Jesus...

    What it boils down to if they die believing in the Jesus they believe in will they go to Heaven... (pascals wager)
    If their Jesus is correct you loose nothing and neither do they...
    But if our Jesus (part of the God head) is correct they Loose everything and we again loose nothing.....

    Also I watched a friend of mine actually witnessed to JW and video taped it (http://www.pinpointevangelism.com/Kerrigan-Flea_Market-042206_JW_Saved.wmv)
    It is pretty inspiring....
    You can see the light come on when he explained hell (she thought it was just death)
    Check it out it is pretty good.
  15. Proverbs3

    Proverbs3 Guest

    We have found the same reactions from Jehovah's Witnesses many times. Yes, they do keep notes and often skip our house. It is really interesting though when the chance is available to talk with them. One thing that has seemed to help is to use the verses in their Bible, because they do have a slightly different version and will use that as an argument for not listening to you. Or get a copy of their Bible to be prepared for the next time they show up at your door.
    :) It is great to watch God work!
  16. rita727

    rita727 Closet Narcissist

    This is helpful. I just witnessed to a JW. It was memorable experience to say the least.
  17. Sprint3

    Sprint3 Member

    With both groups you need questions that cause them to think. Once they start thinking, there is a crack in the wall their religions have built around them.

    Also, try to obtain actual copies of their publications as they tend to dismiss it/you when you say that you read that they believe something controversial but have no proof. Anything out of a book/magazine/article against them they dismiss as coming from apostates, so to have the actual quote from their own publication helps a great deal.

    I have had some great results going through the subject of being "born again" with the JW's.
  18. jency3

    jency3 New Member

    If you just want to get rid of Mormons shake their hand and say "what is this, has it a name, will you give it to me" this will freak them out it is from their temple ordinances. I was raised as a Mormon and am still trying to figure out how to handle my family. My sister in law yelled at my son on Christmas day that you have to be good to get into heaven. I was so mad I left. Of course I am the bad one. It is hard to deal with them. I don't know what to do quite often. Oh well I will keep praying.
  19. plmarquette

    plmarquette Veteran

    J-W's are "God only " ... deny the trinity ; use the verse the lord your god is one ... but verse in Hebrew actually says the Lord(Jehovah) , your God( elohiem- is plural) like in Genesis - let us , create him(man) in our image ...; they translate John 1.14 as Jesus the son of "a god" not the only begotton son of God ..... pershaps Psalm 22 , and verses like Isaiah 61.1-3(messiah/ christ) is it not written that the messiah , when he comes ...

    the mormons preach from the wrong book ( book of mormon , not the bible ) ; speak of the wrong Jesus ...

    there is a book called The Kingdom of the Cults at most book stores , that describes both sects ... and how to witness to them ...

    start with common ground , build a friendship / dialogue
    pray that the Holy Spirit will show you what , when , where , and when to speak
  20. Periann

    Periann Well-Known Member

    Oh thank goodness that I ran into this thread. JW's have been coming to my door last Saturday and today (Saturday) and today I actually opened the door for them.

    Last week it was 2 men in nice business suits and bmw's and today it was 2 nicely dressed ladies with their New World Bible and pamphlets about being honest and truthful in today's world. I think they're coming back next week and I don't know what to say to them. I don't believe in what they believe but the lady who was at my door is a really gifted speaker and I don't want to get into a debate with her. Lord, grant me patience! I'm going to read up on them so I can be better prepared next time, thanks for the links!