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Help me with my very, very own language!

Discussion in 'Languages' started by Lillen, Jan 14, 2012.

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  1. Lillen

    Lillen Guest

    I invented an alphabet

    Andre, Karl, Lillen, Emo, Mina, Mena, Erema, ckama, sema, xel, feno. bara, zima, labra, konos, åro, libra, tro , xime, nima, rema, cebra, dale, game, ine, mana, heno, elo, zobre, okono.

    The diffrent characters is valued to poetical amount, such as Gods Love, Five talents, and mercy from heaven, and so on.

    The diffrent letters is defined as the above names. And guess what, it was I, solemnly, in solitude, I who defined it.

    Now I will need to come up with some words too.

    Can you help me define the words?

    Emo, labra, ine = Eli, In Arameic this means "my God", but what does it mean in my langugage, anyone knows!??
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  2. Lillen

    Lillen Guest

    Eli = Lamb

    what does "trones" mean?

    Typing toungs can be done here too right?? i guess we all sound like drunkards to others, that we are drunk on sweet wine, but the holy ghost really needs to take over the internet and be on the internet, for it is a tomb to many, a bottomless pit to some!!! My prayers is that the holy ghost will be on the internet and defend it. So lets all speak in toungs here!

    This is my toungs i wrote down on a sheet some days ago, I will write it here in this thread hoping that someone can translate it. someone with the gift of understanding toungs:

    My desire is to have that translated, and to start zion, were we pray that the Holy Ghost will be on the internet too. As for this thread, translate the above toungs, anyone!??
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  3. Douvie

    Douvie Newbie


    I'd help you with your language if I could. But I am a simple man when it comes to languages even though I see many different words from various different possible languages.

    The Apostle Paul was discussing the fact that a series of sounds had to have some "signification" and the hearer had to understand what those sounds meant otherwise they are meaningless, "...how will he understand what is piped or harped?"

    The "Internet" may be the killing fields you describe in your post but life as a whole is the battle field and the internet is just a military vehicle. It can be used to spread the Gospel and glorify the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. It can also be used by the devil and his minions to spread evil and wickedness. However the internet can never be neutral.

    Just a thought. :cool:
  4. jcrook

    jcrook Newbie

    I think people must not take their own languages too much easy. We should posses it as it really is. Don't try to make too many changes, otherwise you might lose your original language for good.
  5. BlueLioness

    BlueLioness Guest

    I don't know why, I see humor in this, something very hilarious in making up your own langauge. :D
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