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Grief led to anger

Discussion in 'Memorials & Grief Support' started by Unfinished200, Sep 30, 2020.

  1. Unfinished200

    Unfinished200 New Member Supporter

    United States
    I have known grief and loss. I have held the hands of my elders in nursing home as they left this world. I have whispered into my daddy's ear at the young age of 23 that I would take care of Mama. I have held my children and husband while they shed tears over loosing my Uncle Tom who was like my second father then a month later my Father-in-law all due to cancer. I have received the heartbreaking phone call from my friend when the cops found her sons murdered body only a year after loosing her firefighter husband in a line of duty death. Only to hold her while she cried a month later due to loosing her dad to cancer. Then a year ago this October 28 I fought back tears and anger as I received the phone call about my dear friend committing suicide only to find out a few hours later that my husband had heard the gun shot.
    Through all of this I tried to be "strong and take care of everyone else"
    I was proud that I could help others all the while drowning in my own sorrow.
    But no more will I drown as I will let my Father in Heaven lead me through my sorrow and have total faith that I will still be standing on the other end.
    I will not be prideful no more as I will bare my soul and pain to God and forever trust in him.
    The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves
    the crushed in spirit.
    Psalms 34:18
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  2. Carl Emerson

    Carl Emerson Well-Known Member

    New Zealand
    Wow... You know it was prophesied about Jesus on the cross that His heart was like wax... softened by the intense heat He endured.

    Such a heart is poured out - as you are doing - that is very precious - as it is said : deep calls to deep... in His Love.
  3. 1watchman

    1watchman Overseer Supporter

    Yes, there is pain often in this world, and our God well knows. Your love and care for souls is precious to hear. Keep the Lord Jesus as lord of your life and best Friend, dear one, and you will have strength and grace to serve, as we wait for "the high calling of God in Christ Jesus" (Phil. 3:14) up to Himself in the Father's house.