Got Mittens?


Confessional Lutheran
Oct 2, 2011
Pacific Northwest
United States
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I was a child when they first came for them. The unwelcome in our midst. They were undocumented, illegal. The president gave the executive order.

My grandparents were among the first to work on helping to make the country better. They were going to make it great again. Give me a bright future. I feel bad that they never would have known that I would be an illegal.

I was an apostate. I worshiped wrong they said. The Supreme Court ruled that the First Amendment's protection of religion didn't apply except to the beliefs of the ruling party. My grandparents couldn't have known that I would become a foreigner in my own land because I attended the same church they did.

They came for the undocumented. Shipped them first around from state to state. Some kept locked up indefinitely in cages. Many simply vanished without a trace. No one bothered to ask what happened to them. It was unpatriotic to ask these questions.

I was in college when they went after the Muslims. Deemed a non-religion and the ideology of terrorists. One by one mosques were shut down. Riots broke out in the streets, but those were met with violent force. The blonde reporter on the news said this was evidence of the violent nature of their ideology, and that any who didn't embrace the country by attending the patriot seminars should be deported and resisters punished. We agreed with her of course. Those who didn't love our country and fit in with our beliefs and way of life didn't have a place among us. One nation under God, not Allah.

I was still just working in my cubicle at the company when the Family Integrity Act was passed. It was all for the family. I loved mine. I had a wife, three beautiful boys. Sean was already playing Little League. Jacob always getting into trouble. Matty had just spoken his first words. Anne was the love of my life. But I learned that Anne's grandparents came here illegally. That made her mom an illegal, and so she had illegal blood. Only Natural Citizens had rights. Carrying unnatural blood made one predisposed toward criminal and treasonous behavior. We saw the studies they showed on the news. It was science. Real science.

Matthias, my youngest got married just after college. At church we celebrated my granddaughter's baptism. Helena. We knew it was possibly risky. The party didn't approve of False Doctrine. Baptizing infants went against the dignity of faith. Pastor Johnson of the Department of Faith and Family taught us every on the news that baptizing infants was a false doctrine unsupported by the Bible. And as the Bible being the ruling principle of the Constitution, only true faith was to be taught in our churches.

But many of us didn't agree. Both me and my grandparents were baptized in this church. God blessed our country so it could prosper under Him. But why would God disapprove of this?

Those thoughts were almost certainly wrong. I was wrong. I had to be wrong. This was a godly nation, a nation that honored God above everything. Founded on the Bible. The Constitution couldn't be wrong. And the First Amendment guaranteed "true religious freedom to the free", as Pastor Johnson taught us every week. To be free of false associations, false doctrine, and all the lies of Satan. It was the devil who was ruining this country.

While I write this here in Cell 206 on Block 9, I know that my punishment is just. In Romans it says that the execution of the sword belongs to the ruling authorities. While I repent of my false religion, I know that by offering my life I will ensure the prosperity of the nation. This is a land of the free, my life is nothing compared to the freedom of the truly free. I had received an illicit baptism, a diabolical baptism as Pastor Johnson taught. I violated God's law by having my children baptized. I married a woman with Jezebel blood in her veins. Pastor Johnson says that I can still go to heaven if I truly repent and accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I know now that, while I thought I believed in Him, I never truly did. I belonged to a false church. Only the Party Church knows the truth. Pastor Johnson said so, and he's anointed by God. Scripture says not to speak evil against God's anointed.

The nation shall be great. America will be great again.