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Good bye

Discussion in 'Spirit-Filled / Charismatic' started by AudioArtist, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. AudioArtist

    AudioArtist AudioArtist

    I wasn't sure if I should do a thread to say good-bye, as it can sometimes simply be attention seeking, but I thought I should as I've been more active here as of late and shared a degree of vulnerability with people. It also means I have to actually follow up on it, as I've felt impressed to keep off here for a while now but have been disobedient. Speaking it out publically means I'll look like a right idiot if I come back again! :)

    I'm quite easily disturbed and upset by Christians arguing anyway (a bit of a softy, then!) and the area of manifestations of the Spirit and "counterfeit revival" is particularly sensitive to me. This isn't because I've actually been a part of any known large-scale revival, or because I ride on every new thing that comes along, but simply because God touched me and some friends in a deep and profound way during a Soul Survivor conference (which I suppose is a "revival" conference of sorts, though it is different in nature to other revivals I have read about and has thankfully never been discussed here!)

    I've also been spending far too much time online anyway as of late. A heady mix of praying, Bible reading, and surfing online isn't a particularly good one for one's state of mind. Yes, I should get a job.

    Thank you all for the fellowship. I'd love to come back some time, especially if the place becomes more edifying and unified in spirit. :)
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  2. lismore

    lismore Legend

    All the best to you hope to see you again soon:wave:
  3. probinson

    probinson Legend

    Word of Faith
    I completely understand.

    You will be missed. Your posts are always well thought out, well reasoned, and very balanced.

    Be blessed in all that you do.

  4. _Sonnie

    _Sonnie Guest


    AudioArtist - Take care of yourself - it's an exciting journey we're on! It may seem long in waiting, but don't be surprised if one day you find signs and wonders working through your hands, brother. ;)
  5. gratefulgrace

    gratefulgrace Contributor

    Sad to see you leave but so happy you are following the Lord's leading as He has spoken to you.
  6. Simon Peter

    Simon Peter 14th Generation PROTESTant

    Don't be discouraged by the battle.

    Keep the faith, and God bless...

  7. Cassidy

    Cassidy Guest

    Awww I wish you didn't have to go but I understand that you are. God tends to lead us to where he wants us to be and we must follow.

    Goodbye and God bless :)
  8. Ajax 777

    Ajax 777 God is the Truth, not an opinion. Supporter

    United States
    "The mind of a man may plan his way, but the LORD directs his footsteps."

    May the LORD's direction indeed guide you wherever you may go,
    and may HIS will be done. I'll see you in Heaven, brother.
  9. pdudgeon

    pdudgeon Traditional Catholic Supporter

    United States
    bless you for letting us know what is going on.
    I pray that God will open up His word to you in a wonderful way, and fill you with insight and wisdom and compassion for His people. there are many out there who need to learn what you have, so i pray too that God will put people in your way who will bless you and whom you will bless as well.

    stay safe and go with God!:hug:
  10. Oscarr

    Oscarr Senior Veteran Supporter

    New Zealand
    I know how you feel. Sometimes it all seems to get too much and a good break doing something else is needed for a while. That's what happened to me a couple of years ago. Blessings and best wishes for the future. :wave:
  11. I know how you feel, and despite claims to the contrary I just got here!

    This place is strange. People feel they can just attack things they have never witnessed. Watch a 2 minute youtube clip and denounce a whole minister and ministry. Hardly the fruit of the spirit is it...

    Anyway, I have things to do this evening, so remember: God loves you no matter what you've done, no matter what you are doing, and no matter what you will ever do.

    Audio, don't really know you, but enjoy your break. Enjoy real life, lol.
  12. Hisgirl

    Hisgirl Loved into Heaven by a Violent Act of Grace

    Bless you Robert. Follow His voice. He has big things in store for you. :)
  13. imperfectchristian

    imperfectchristian .

    Bless you brother. I wish you the very best. :thumbsup:
  14. Leah

    Leah 2 Corinthians 5:21

    AudioArtist, I know what you mean. God has been dealing with me about this too, and the time will come where I'll be leaving, as well.

    Its great to minister to people over the internet, but there's just something about doing it face to face. Plus, I think the internet can become a breeding ground for ugliness, know what I mean? Some people tend to take out their feelings on others more so than in person.

    May God keep on blessing you and let Him use you just how He wants to. Love ya. :thumbsup:
  15. FoundInGrace

    FoundInGrace God's sparrow

    will miss you, you're very welcome back anytime AA, God bless you heaps!!