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Generations coming and going...

Discussion in 'One Bread, One Body - Catholic' started by Stabat Mater, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. Stabat Mater

    Stabat Mater Jesus Christ conquers! Supporter

    United States
    Traditional. Cath.
    At this point in time we're in the middle of a generation switch in my family. My grandparents are fainting away and slowly dying out at the same time my sisters are having their first kids.
    It's all so very weird in many ways for me as a uncle and above average interested in theology and God.
    To look into the eyes of newborns for the first time and at the same time (give or take) visit my grandpa at the nursery home and knowing that the this time may very well be the last time I look him into his eyes.
    I might be a tad weird, but to me it feels as I'm facing God in a special way these days and in these encounters.
    It reminds me of this scripture from the book of Job :

    Job 1:21 And he said, Naked I came from my mother's womb, and naked shall I return. The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.”

    There's something really, really existential about birth and death. It's a place where we come touch with God the beginning and God as the end.

    I just felt like sharing this experience in my life.

    "Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground."
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  2. Bob Crowley

    Bob Crowley Well-Known Member Supporter

    We're all in that boat. I grew up in a small street in Brisbane in the 1960s and 1970's, and all the neighbours knew each other. There were 21 children around my own age, give or take a few years. Of those 21, at least five have died that I know about (including my sister), and I suspect all the parents are gone.

    I've lost touch with the others, so I don't know how many are still around. But at the same time new faces keep coming along.

    I remember sitting in my school class room and the teacher remarking (in grade eight i think) that "by the law of averages one of you will be dead by the age of 18" and my attention was drawn to another kid whom I also knew from playing field hockey.

    He died in a car accident around the age of eighteen.

    To quote Bob Dylan, "For the wheel’s still in spin, And there’s no tellin’ who that it’s namin’". Give it another 30 years, and probably none of the childhood friends will still be here. We'll all have faced God, and our eternal neighbourhood will have been determined.
  3. eastcoast_bsc

    eastcoast_bsc Veteran


    I lost two of my brothers, Mother and Father. I have become introspective about life these past years. Life is a cycle of birth and death, death and renewal. We are all making our journey back to nature .
    After my Mother died I thought about the lyrics to the band "Live" song "lighting crashes.

    The song is about the cycle of life.

    Life is a journey, another song has always reminded of the journey . I listed to this song when I was young , now I realize the lyrics and what before the deluge mean.

  4. pdudgeon

    pdudgeon Traditional Catholic

    United States
    In Relationship
    Stabat, what you are experiencing comes to all of us. As one generation passes, it puts the rest of us one more notch up in the line of life.

    We all experience new things with each step forward that we take in our family. From the youngest to the oldest, each person has 4 things to do:
    1. a special place to fill,
    2. a job to do,
    3. wisdom to impart to the younger generation, and
    4. a legacy to leave.

    What I've found as I moved up that line of life is that each time I moved, I experienced more and more of what it meant to receive the full force of life's expectations head on.

    And with each move I came to rely upon God more and more in order to be able to fulfill those expectations. I quickly found out that as much as I enjoyed being at the head, that experiencing the full force of life's gales could easily topple me right over if I did not already have a good solid ground upon which to stand, and a life jacket handy as well.