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generation gap

Discussion in 'Younger Adults 17-23' started by walkingxshadow, May 4, 2011.

  1. walkingxshadow

    walkingxshadow a poor player

    anyone else find it hard to deal with the older generation sometimes(or most of the time)? do they try to control you and tell you what to do, say, think and believe? do you find that they think their opinion should be the only opinion? and do they get outraged when you say differently? and do they still treat you like children even though youre old enough to have your own? im just so tired sometimes that i just want to run away from it all and never look back. anyone else?
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  2. Rhayven

    Rhayven Newbie

    Most of the time they are the way they are because they love you. It's not something you probably want to hear but it's true. They have experiences that you don't have and they don't want you to go through what they do. So next time you think they are getting on your case just listen to them because they know best, it just doesnt seem like it now but you will see! ;)
  3. walkingxshadow

    walkingxshadow a poor player

    i do listen. but im also old enough to know when im being fed a load of bull. they even go so far as to try to censor what i watch on tv or at the movies! im freaking 21 years old! they also try to tell me who to vote for! theyve moved past loving protection into close minded control. and i dont do well being told what to do. especially when its stupid.
  4. BibleDave

    BibleDave Lover of many things

    In my case I actually find adults easier to talk to than my peers. Usually any conversation I have is not a one way conversation. I learn from the elder person and visa versa.

    I would find it offensive if I was 21 and people thought I lacked the maturity to hear certain words. I don't know the exact reason why people would hide it from you but if you are brought up in that type of environment the that's how it is. Of course, this will change in the future, but you may have to put up with it. If it was me then I would try my best to prove my maturity and gain respect from the community.

    As long as you know where you stand then you shall be fine. It shouldn't matter what other think of your maturity. They are in the wrong if they wrongly judge it. I do, though, feel for you being in that situation. Do what you think is the best action to take. Prove through your faith to others that you are wise and not child like. That is the best advise I can give.
  5. EricOntario

    EricOntario Guest

    Around here I feel very respected by older generations. Whether family, neighbours, other members of the congregation at church or at work... I just finished working for a local candidate in our federal election and most of the other people there (though not all of them) were significantly older than me but we got along and worked together just fine. A lot of older adults even seem to be happy to see younger people getting involved and bringing new ideas and methods to the church, politics etc.

    It could be a cultural thing or something, but my best suggestion is to just keep cool and be as respectful to others as you'd like them to be toward you. Even if you get a terrible reception, be honest about what you think but stay calm and don't let it bother you if they don't want to hear it. Maybe the best option will be to go off and find a new place that's more welcoming of you and your ideas.

    And by the way... you're 21. It's not called "running away" anymore... its "moving out" ;)