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General stuff. 1

Discussion in 'General Theology' started by Behold, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Behold

    Behold Well-Known Member


    The bible is an interesting Light.
    Its words on a page, but its really the Spirit of Revelation, given by God through about 40 authors who produced the spiritual dictation that we read in a 'Holy Bible"... tho some are anything but, however, that's a topic for another Thread.

    God wrote it in Hearts, then Men wrote it down under inspiration.

    We read that Jesus is the Light of the world and that we are become Children of the Light....IF we are born again.
    Jesus said.. "you must be born again".
    We read that we are translated from darkness TO Light.
    We read that we are "in Christ", seated in Heavenly Places, and yet we are in a body on earth at the same time.
    If you are born again, you are "in Christ", seated in Heavenly places, yet you are sitting there in your place of residence, reading my commentary.

    The NT tells us that we are "ONE" with God and Christ, yet, we can't see it.
    The NT tells us we are justified by FAITH, and no one can really explain what Faith actually is..
    "the substance of things hoped for... the evidence of things not seen"...... that is .... ummmmmm....Interesting. And if we read "Christ in you the HOPE of Glory", well, can you see "Glory"? Yet, you are going there if you are born again, and you are Child of the Almighty God who literally exist there right now...
    "there is such a thing as Glory and there are hints of it everywhere"..
    So true...
    Faith is trust, its spiritual hope in something greater then we are, = GOD.. It is a mental abandonment unto a higher Truth who IS Christ.
    Whatever it is, God sees it in our Heart, HE SEES Faith, and accepted it once, and we are born again ONCE, as the proof we have become HIS for Eternity.

    The bible tells us to "work out our salvation".
    And this does not mean to work to keep it, or work to hold on to it.
    It means to work it out, to learn to spiritually exist within it properly,..... to function within the Kingdom of God as a Child of the Light, correctly.

    Most dont.

    Its because they didnt start HERE and REMAIN HERE...... Hebrews 13:9
    And it because they didn't have a good teacher in the beginning of their Christian walk, and they got caught up in what their denomination teaches as the main thing, that wasn't.
    Or similar...

    One of the most amazing things you find in "christianity", is that most believers have actually been horribly taught that they are to "sin and repent",.... that this is what they are to expect.
    That "sinning and confessing and repenting" is .... what you are supposed to be doing if you are saved.
    So, they believe this, and "according to your faith, so shall it be unto you".
    So, they sin and repent for their entire Christian lives, which is a failed Christian discipleship.

    See, think of it like this... An unbeliever is sinning, and some of them try to stop, a few.
    So, is Christianity...is the Grace of God not able to give you a better life then a sinning unbeliever is living?
    And the only difference between the Christian's life and the unbeliever's is that the Christian feels GUILTY about their sinning and the unbeliever enjoys it and wants more?

    Christians, or so they say they are, will literally get on a public Christian forum and argue that "repenting and sinning and confessing" is ....just the way it is... "see over there in 1 JN...its says im supposed to have indwelling sin so that i can confess it".. "dont tell me i can have victory over sin, even if Paul says that "if you walk in the Spirit you shall not sin"..(will not commit works of the Flesh)....no SIR.. dont tell me that Jesus has all my sin....i wont have that... Give me my sin !! ..Give me 1 Jn 1:9 and let me continue to sin and repent my life away and continue to hide behind that verse the rest of my sinning and confessing LIFE.
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2020
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