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Flaming and Goading Rule and New Protocols

Discussion in 'UK and Ireland' started by God's Child, Mar 30, 2015.

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  1. God's Child

    God's Child Psalm 23 Supporter

    Greetings Christian Forums Members,

    Summer is approaching and we are thrilled to announce the new protocol for CF rules.

    Some of you were apart of this roll out just by posting in the forums where we held the trials all this last year and your feed back has been much appreciated. :thumbsup:

    You all enjoyed more freedom to post and you enjoyed the benefits of having your threads uninterrupted by frequent staff moderation (this was the best part for staff too;) )

    Even those of you who did get "tripped up" by the new rule were grateful that mistakes can happen but solutions were right there for you and we worked with you not against you in fixing things. With that in mind, read the protocol and the final comments at the bottom completely and we can talk about this change in detail with you in this thread:


    The rules being adjusted and new protocols, only affect CF rules involving your posts that are directed toward another member or groups of members.... All other CF rules will stay the same:

    The Flaming and Goading Rule and New Protocols

    Flaming and Goading
    ● Please treat all members with respect and courtesy through civil dialogue.
    ● Do not attack another member's character or actions in any way, address only the content of their post and not the member personally.
    ● NO Goading. This includes images, cartoons, or smileys clearly meant to goad.
    ● Only the person to whom the post is addressed may report the other. Anyone may report generalized flames or goads which are addressed to a group of members.
    ● Moderators have the right to report egregious violations of flaming or goading.
    ● Clear violations of the flaming rule will result in bans.

    ● Stating or implying that another member or group of members who have identified themselves as Christian are not Christian is not allowed.
    ● Be considerate and do not make another member's experience on this site miserable. This includes making false accusations or persistently attacking them in the open forums.
    ● Respect another member's request to cease personal contact.

    And here are the changes in staff protocol:

    Staff Actions for Violation of the Flaming and Goading Rule

    Moderators will examine the report. If they find it clearly violates the guidelines in the Flaming and Goading rule, they will issue bans. No warnings, no PMs, no requests for self-edits. If you do not have a CPM (Counseling PM) on record, the first violation will result in a CPM. Once a member has a CPM, all flaming or goading violations will result in a ban according to the following protocol:

    1st offense - 1 day ban
    2nd offense - 3 day ban
    3rd offense - 1 week ban
    4th offense - 1 week ban
    5th offense - 1 month ban

    This Protocol applies to flaming and goading violations only. Violations of all other site-wide rules will be actioned according to the CPM/Warning/Infraction protocol. Administrators reserve the right to issue permanent bans. All bans may be appealed in the MSC* (Members Services Center).

    *Members must appeal in the MSC for mentoring to reverse or remove any of these bans from their record. Admins/Advisors may make reversals or removals conditional to a specific action required from the member.

    As you can see the rules were adjusted and also change occures with the way the violations are being carried out.

    Again we invite you to continue this in a conversation we have set up for you with staff and trial members in this thread:


    All members may post in this thread even if this area is not normally open to you. This is a big change and you will benefit from all the tips and advise from those who have been using this new system for the last year.

    We look forward to a happy blessed summer with you all.:groupray:

    God Bless You,

    God's Child on behalf of CF staff:groupray:
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