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Earthly realm vs heavenly realm

Discussion in 'For New Christians' started by oi_antz, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. oi_antz

    oi_antz Opposed to Untruth.

    Changing my signature today, here is the one I had before:

    In the worldview of the biblical writers, the earthly realm and the heavenly realm interacted and influenced one another. So a focus on the workings of evil and the devil did not reflect a "devil made me do it" irresponsibility, but a hard and honest look at the power of destructive lies at work in our lives and in our world, a naming of the systems of oppression and the power games we can get sucked into.
    Penal Substitution vs Christus Victor

    I thought someone might have a contribution to the idea of lies that originate from the heavenly realm manifested to the earthly realm. I've been writing a lot recently about demons using the human as a puppet by gaining control of the mind, and how Jesus is the one who purchased us from slavery to sin that we can have our soul given to us in perfect holy condition.

    I hope someone here can help take this topic in a good direction.