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Do you sing traditional Catholic songs at your Masses?

Discussion in 'Charismatic Catholic Renewal' started by Angeldove97, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. Angeldove97

    Angeldove97 We wait, and watch, and wonder.

    My fiance and I attended a Praise Mass yesterday at a parish which is known for being more Charismatic. The only thing that seemed to throw me off with it is that ALL of the songs were well-known Protestant praise songs.

    While I know praising God is praising God, I would have liked to see some traditional Catholic songs sung at Mass.

    Just wondering if this tends to be the norm of Charismatic Catholic Masses?
  2. 0x87a

    0x87a Guest

    Well, in our Parish... we still sing those traditional songs.. :)
    And most Charismatic Church songs we sing are written by Catholic members.
  3. Peaceful Dove

    Peaceful Dove Guest

    A Charismatic Prayer Meeting or Charismatic Mass has a mmmmm, let's call it a format. It has been tried and tested for almost 50 years. The Vatican has approved and encouraged it as has the American Council of Bishops.
    Holy Mother Church has many many different forms of worshiping God. Many. Holy Mother Church is big enough to embrace all of them.
    The Charismatic Renewal is one of them. You may see this praise and worship music as "protestant" but I happen to know that much of it, started out as Catholic and has just been adopted by our non Catholic brothers and sisters.

    There is a place for the older Traditional music as you call it in the Church. Maybe some of it in the CCR. However, the sort of Praise and Worship music used in most of the Charismatic functions is more contemporary.

    I hope this answers your question.
  4. Angeldove97

    Angeldove97 We wait, and watch, and wonder.

    Hi Peaceful Dove,
    Maybe I'm reading your post wrong, but I hope you don't think I have anything against the formatting of a prayer meeting or a mass (I'm assuming there is a difference between a meeting and a mass, right?). I am interested in this type of Mass--- sometimes I need something more upbeat to renew my spirit, however, I was just wondering if all Charismatic Masses are like this: using mostly Protestant songs in place of songs (contemporary or traditional) written by Catholics.

    Format is one thing--- a detail like music and what songs are being played is another thing. Has the Vatican approved what type of music may be played at such a Mass? :confused:

    Thanks for your insights. I do agree that our Church is wonderful in the fact that it allows us to worship together under one format (the Mass) but with music, colors, and minor details from our own culture. I just wonder if Catholics knew of a Charismatic Mass where traditional music was still played.
  5. Peaceful Dove

    Peaceful Dove Guest

    Wow, great questions. Really great questions.
    It is going to be really hard to give you a simple answer. Although the answer is much more simple than we may think.

    Let me start where I began, 56 yrs ago as a non-Catholic Christian who never understood the Mass and blasted it every chance I got.
    There came a day, when someone challenged me to read the Missal and all the prayers of the Mass and tell them what looked wrong to me. What prayers were so bad. I lost the challenge as you might expect.

    So, my question to you would be the same. Check out the words (lyrics) to the songs we sing at Charismatic Prayer meetings that seem "Protestant" to you. Do a good job picking them apart. Do a really good job and tell me when you are done what is not Catholic about them.

    Being in Leadership in the Charismatc Catholic Renewal, I am always on the alert for anything that is outside of Catholic Doctrine and what the Church approves. If we are doing anything in our group, I need to know it right now.

    Our Agape Prayer Group often use what you might call Traditional Catholic Music. That is music in our Sunday, Missalette. Come Holy Ghost is one of them. Be Not Afraid is another. We use many.

    I just need you to be more specific.

    I do understand where you are coming from. I just honestly believe there is some Praise music that is neither Protestant or Catholic but simply Praise and Worship music.