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Dealing with the Fear

Discussion in 'Married Couples' started by blessedandlucky, May 18, 2012.

  1. blessedandlucky

    blessedandlucky Newbie

    Hi everyone - I'm new to the forum and very excited to be here! I've just been married within the past year and have been looking around for a place to discuss issues with others who are married to non-believers so I feel this is an answer to prayer!

    I absolutely adore my husband; he is a sweet, kind, wonderful man with a strong moral character and he's a wonderful husband. However, he is not a believer. The biggest issue there's been for me since our marriage because of this is that I find myself feeling absolutely panicked that something will happen to him before he is saved (because of course I hope and pray every day that he will come to know the Lord.) But I know that life is fragile and that tragedies happen all the time and that none of us is guaranteed to die old and in our beds. I can't bear the thought of him not being in heaven for eternity, and it really scares me.

    I know that God tells us now to worry and cast our cares on Him, and that we should trust in His timing, but this is still something I struggle with. Does anyone else wrestle with the same thing? Any advice or anything that's helped you cope?

    Thank you, brothers and sisters. God bless!
  2. FundiMentalist

    FundiMentalist Guest

    If God is good and just, then...

    Read that again.

    And again if need be.

    Consider putting the angst in the trash bin.
  3. klwalsh85

    klwalsh85 Newbie

    I think it's perfectly normal to struggle with this. Of course you care what happens to the people you love. We'll all see eternity, and it's only natural to want our loved ones to experience it the same way we will. I, for one, believe God knows the exact point when each person on Earth will surrender to Him...and He won't allow them to leave this life until they've reached that point. :) I try to take comfort in that when worries for my own husband start weighing me down.
  4. FundiMentalist

    FundiMentalist Guest

    Perhaps you might be interested in reading Scot McKnight's The King Jesus Gospel.

    Might be "normal" to struggle with this where normal means common. Not sure it fits within the healthy definition of normal though.
  5. motherprayer

    motherprayer Elisha

    God can change your husband's heart. All you have to do is pray. Pray for God to do a divine work in your husband. There is a post called "The Dark Side" in which I gave my testimony, about how my husband struggled with demons, and has been healed. It took much prayer on my part, and a decision for me to completely give ALL of it to God. He is a changed man now, and I can truly thank God for all I have.
  6. sunsong12

    sunsong12 Guest

    Welcome Blessed!

    I have been married to husband who when we first got married told me he was agnostic. We have been married over 20 years.

    In our years together, I have prayed much and God has blessed us tremendously. I go to Mass as often as I can, rarely miss a Sunday. I've asked husband to attend Mass with me, and he has when there is a special occasion. After about 5 years of marriage, we started praying over our meals when he noticed that I was saying prayers over our meals before sitting down at the table to eat. Whenever God has blessed us with something, I tell husband I believe it has been the hand of God upon us. I then ask him to say a prayer of thanksgiving in his own way. I have also invited Priests to our home and had our home blessed. When I have had surgery, we gone together for a blessing.

    God surely blessed me with a good, responsible and loving man. I know God put us together, there is no other way possible that we could have first met and stayed together as long as we have.

    Yes, cast your worries on God. I think of all the worries I had, now, I can look back and see that God has been there all along.

    God will guide you.