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"crossing over with myself-the schizo edwards"

Discussion in 'Bipolar Disorder' started by libprio, Sep 28, 2004.

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  1. libprio

    libprio New Member

    "crossing over with myself-the schizo edwards".

    i know that this forum is for folks that have bipolar. i have experienced schizophrenia, why not post here, i think.

    this is a christian forum, there must be those that have conviction, in john edwards, james v.praagh, works, that their authentic. these people are spirit talkers. mother passed to otherside, these people will get her voice from aftersphere, to you. i've conviction in their works, though i suffer schizo. what these people do, edwards&praagh is that they experience, "the right schizo", so that they get spirit people voices. anyone who accepts phenomena exists in our reality, like you'll die one day, will understand, other phenomenas, acknowledge their existence.

    "the right schizo": for these professionals, that means the right voices, not zero closured, out of equasion, just "our inner pathologicals chatting".

    many schizo sufferers, are truly hearing spirit people. like ying-yang, you can get benign or malovalent spirits, talk to you.

    i have had a mad time with schizo. truly mad i tell you. its mad enough for me. i know its got to be spirits talking to me, and theres that "subhuman" feeling. spirits exist in malovent realms, aswell as benign realms. the malovalent, do all sort of stuff, like mimicing people personas. "family friends back from the dead". then you've benign spirits who are benign, but not damn - "considerate". i prefer considerate spirits i think anyday, then benign.

    these spirits have access to your psyche library, that endless warehouse, where your being was, like, "created and coded". they then throw your "library" back at "you". mimicing and acting out personas, relation to many coded things you got programmed with, in your whole lifetime. the spirits do a form of, "genesis duplicating", - "nan has insincerely come back from dead etc". and whatever psychological sludge, they manifest communicatively - to you.

    what has to be done, is major swearing back to these spirits, whoever they are, to get them away from you. authentic beings or not, don't give a damn. schizophrenia: "stolen minds stolen lives".

    be inconsiderate to the spirit realms, for they deserve it, is the instruction for a schizo sufferer. you are the sufferer right?, -not entangled by totality patho disorder-. medication and prayers is another issue altogether, that i won't go into, in this email. theres meds that are -nightmare-.

    but vital to remember is: schizo: stolen minds-stolen lives. my letter might seem like, "everyone knows schizo lowdown". i came from a buddhist actualize-realize angle, to do literal, a realising. spirits talk a lot of "sheet" if you know what i mean't. and don't rule the benign spirits out talking "sheet". the amount of stuff i hear, and i think to myself inwardly, your logic is dodgeik, "dodgey", is unbelievable. the cold nit-pick "troll" dodgeilect.

    truly lices, to be taken off your leg. those certain spirits just don't understand, we're psychological creatures, and are lices. they logic your backside with "haemorrage dodgeik". suicide ?. what do you do, you swear at them, and god willingly, they get the heck lost. its violation of
    your -being&space-. remember it is your territory, not theirs. a warrant is needed for them to be with you, think that way, tell these prats to go, use swearwords. they'll not get the warrant, because they don't have a bloody, constitutional position, in the matter, zero tolerance, amen.

    with spiritual healers on earth, and god, reveal the "you've no constituional position to you, with these bug insects", with full might. know what i mean :) .

    i am 25 yrs old, my name is patrick, am altruistic, i have no criminal record, am single, paid taxes, believe in a good uk political party, a british citizen, never been in a mental hospital, never killed anyone, never been classed as "schizo" though i hear schizo, attempt to practice buddhahood, am single person not married, and i am in damn good disposition, thanks to god, though sufferer i am.

    anyone know who suffers from schizo ?, a friend, family member, who'd considered hearing spirit voices ?. pass this email to them. thank you very much for your time and whatever else in reading my email :) . god bless to you :) .
  2. Shalia

    Shalia Veteran

    On http://bipolar.about.com there is a board for "Schizo-affective disorder" which is a *bit* different, but it's closer, and you'll at least find some people who know how you feel. I've only had vague feelings of that type, when exceptionally "high".

    And now I'm feeling exceptionally loopy. Sleeping drugs have totally hit me and I can barely see my screen. I better go. Good night!!

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