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Couple saves 40 teens from Utøya massacre while dodging the shooter's bullets

Discussion in 'News & Current Events (Articles Required)' started by TheReasoner, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. TheReasoner

    TheReasoner Former christian, current teapot agnostic.

    A married couple saved 40 teens from the Utøya massacre. They ferried youth from the island in repeated trips, even having to dodge the shooter's bullets.

    It's all over our newspapers, but it isn't mentioned in much US media. Why?
    Americans love their heroes. And heroes who save 40 teens while being shot at? *whistle* The media should have had a field day!

    Only... The heroes can't be heroines. You see the married couple were lesbians. But they did save 40 kids from right wing extremist and self-labeled 'christian conservative' gunman. Aah, that's a minefield in the US media, right there. Not that I really get why, a life saved is a life saved. I like to live. I don't care who saves me from a crazed gunman. It can be a dog, a platypus, lesbians, a one armed man from Zimbabwe... I just want to live. Who cares who saves me, right?
    Ah. The "religious right" in the US? That's my guess too.

    If a Married Lesbian Couple Saves 40 Teens from the Norway Massacre and No One Writes About it, Did it Really Happen? « Talk About Equality
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  2. rambot

    rambot Senior Member

    If I'm being honest, I'd wager America is just a bit more obsessed with their own infighting to see heroism in some OTHER country right now.
  3. TheReasoner

    TheReasoner Former christian, current teapot agnostic.

    Perhaps. Do you think they would have mentioned this had it happened in the US though? I mean... They were lesbians.
  4. PHenry42

    PHenry42 Newbie

    Not only were they lesbians, they also acted in a distinctly un-American way by not fighting back. A Real American Hero would have blown the head off the shooter like Dirty Harry, or roundhouse-kicked him like Chuck Norris. ;)