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congestive heart failure

Discussion in 'Cardiology & Blood Pressure Issues' started by TheBarrd, May 13, 2015.

  1. TheBarrd

    TheBarrd Teller of tales, writer of poems, singer of songs

    Looking for people who might know something about this condition.
    what is it, and how do you manage your condition?
  2. Tenebrae

    Tenebrae A follower of The Way

    Hi TheBarrd

    I'm a nurse and I work alot with people who have this condition. What would you like to know?
  3. TheBarrd

    TheBarrd Teller of tales, writer of poems, singer of songs

    I have this condition. How can I keep the swelling down?
  4. Tenebrae

    Tenebrae A follower of The Way

    First if all, are you taking meds? Continue to take your meds as the doctor charts them. I had a scare about 10 years back when my nana stopped taking her medications and got really sick really quickly. She found that one of the meds that she took made her pee loads and she struggled to get to the toilet on time.

    - Gentle exercise is good, it helps with that mechanism that gets blood from the feet back to the heart
    - Ensure you arent wearing socks or trousers that are tight, they can impede the circulation in your feet
    - Reducing your salt intake can help
  5. Bobinator

    Bobinator Senior Member

    A few Natural substances to consider-

    1. Lots of magnesium. Up to 650 mg/day, according to Dr. Mark Sircus.

    2. 1/2 tsp of unprocessed earth salt per day with water or food. (Google and Youtube Dr. David Brownstein. Book- "Salt your way to health". I advised a gal in my office who had been on blood pressure meds for years with little results. She followed this advice, and her systolic pressure dropped from a steady 151 to 120 within 2 weeks. She is now off of meds and still maintains her lower blood pressure with unprocessed salt. Do not under any circumstances consume table salt. That stuff is garbage and has calcium silicate as an anti-caking agent, which is basically microscopic particles of glass (sand) that's been associated with arterial injury and plaque build-up. You need unprocessed earth salt, e.g.,Himalayan, Redmond's (brand), sea salt. It's all about mineral intake and the fact that the body needs salt to survive.

    3. Omega 3 oils, e.g. Flaxseed, help combat inflammation.

    4. Other natural foods include garlic, ginger, turmeric, raw unprocessed apple cider vinegar.

    5. Don't forget Iodine. 12.5 mg/day minimum, according to Dr. David Brownstein, Dr. Jorge Flechas and others. The average Japanese national consumes 13.8 mg/day through their diet, so don't readily believe 150 mcg is all we need. That's a ridiculously low amount that will only prevent having a goiter. I've taken up to 200mg/day for 3 weeks as a therapeutic dose with no side effects. Fatal doses range from 3,500-7500 mg, so don't worry. I take maintenance doses of 12-18 mg/day, and rarely get sick nowadays. Lugol's or Nascent Iodine is recommended.

    Take care.
    Last edited: May 21, 2015
  6. OldFashionGal

    OldFashionGal Active Member

    I read some really good information in your reply! I learn a lot at Dr. Mercola's site. I always make sure to search out for safety any natural remedies as well as side effects to meds. I NEVER tell anyone to stop taking meds but more people should be aware of the side effects and discuss any side effects with their doctor. I am highly allergic to meds or they don't help so I had to learn safer alternatives including some of the ones you named here.
  7. blackribbon

    blackribbon Not a newbie

    Share with your doctor any "natural" or dietary treatments your are trying because several will cause serious drug-food interaction with heart meds. Ginger and garlic are two foods/supplements that can have dangerous interactions with anti-coagulants. Salt substitutes or potassium rich foods can cause serious interactions if you are on some diuretics. And grapefruit or grapefruit juice are also dangerous to eat when on certain medications.
  8. Mister_Al

    Mister_Al Regular Member

    I've read that if your Thiamine is low it can cause congestive heart failure and that a thiamine supplement can help.

  9. bhsmte

    bhsmte Newbie

    This is a serious condition, that can be caused for a variety of reasons.

    The most important thing is to; assure you have a real good cardiologist and you follow what they recommend, closely.