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can you avoid hell by not getting married?

Discussion in 'Christian Philosophy & Ethics' started by Leon phelps, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. Leon phelps

    Leon phelps New Member

    United States
    I understand you go to hell for cheating on your spouse. Therefore if I decided to never get legally married, would that ensure I go to heaven?

    I'm concerned that I am about to get married and getting married will cause me to go to hell when I cheat on my spouse?

    I probably have a good 60 years of life in me minimum - of "trying not to cheat" and I don't believe I can ever win that battle.

    "anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. (NIV, Matthew 5:27-28)"

    I will always look at women lustfully.
    So I feel like marriage is a trap - or there are lies in the Bible.

    Maybe it's possible to someone (who?) but it is not possible for me. If the Bible is taken literally, then none of our fathers (or mothers) are going to heaven.
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  2. SkyWriting

    SkyWriting The Librarian Supporter

    United States
    Actually the only way into hell is to reject God's Holy Spirit
    with knowledge and intention. To "Hate" God.

    If you Trust God, then all your past and continuing sins are forgiven.
    The proper response to this gift is to Love God, love your neighbors
    and treat other people exactly as you would wish them to treat you.

    But any sins such as having lustful thoughts about someone who
    you are not partnered with is unavoidable and forgiven. Just
    recognize that you would not wish your partner to dwell on such
    things and so avoid them in yourself.
  3. Anguspure

    Anguspure Kaitiaki Peacemakers NZ Supporter

    New Zealand
    The only way to avoid eternal destruction that I know of is through Faith in Christ Jesus.
    You might be able to avoid hell in this life by not marrying, then again you might be missing out on something very good as well.
  4. Neogaia777

    Neogaia777 Apprentice Supporter

    The temptations to sin are worse not finding someone, in my opinion, not good for man to alone kind of thing...

    This may be why Paul said "due to their sexual lust, let them marry" for this would be better than burning with passion alone... Yet Paul also said their were some advantages also to being alone or single also...

    But, I think the road is more difficult alone...

    God Bless!
  5. Neogaia777

    Neogaia777 Apprentice Supporter

    Don't get married if your gonna cheat, very selfish, and you should reflect on that...
  6. Faith Alone 1 Cor 15:1-4

    Faith Alone 1 Cor 15:1-4 Active Member

    By your post and what you write ,i say that you are going to hell right now because you have no idea what saves you.
    If you had Holy Spirit inside you alredy , you would know that you are saved , so listen carefully if you don't want to go to hell. You need to be born again John 3:3 .

    You don't go to heaven or hell based on your good or bad works ( Ephesians 2:8-9).

    How to get saved ? Believe on the only thing that can save you from hell , Jesus Christ himself ( Acts 16:30-31).

    Why are you not saved untill you believe in finished job of Jesus Christ ? ( John 3:18) .

    The gospel of salvation by which you are saved is here : 1 Corinthians 15:1-4

    Let me explain to you why you need Jesus as savior .

    You are damned to hell for commiting one sin , murder or telling a lie does not matter , if you commit one sin it's enought for you to go to hell ( James 2:10 ) .

    All human sin ( Romans 5:12 , Romans 3:23 )

    Punishment of sin ( Romans 6:23 , Revelation 20:14 ) .
    You would die 2 times if you are not saved , first your body dies when you die , 2nd death is eternal death in Lake of Fire .

    God knew that he will need to pay debt of sin so he alredy prepared a way to take you to heaven , by giving you his only begotten Son ( John 3:16 ) .

    Why did he have to give you his Son ? Because he need to pay debt , without blood this is impossible ( Hebrews 9:22 , Hebrews 9:12 , Hebrews 13:12 , )

    Back to the gospel , 1 Corinthians 15:1-4

    Jesus died for your sin , according to scriptures ( fullfilled many prophecy thousand year before he came ) , was burried , rose again the third day fullfilling scriptures , it was proof that he is able to resurrect you aswell on the last day .

    After you believe this , you are sealed with Holy Spirit of promise and you are born again ( Ephesians 1:13-14).

    After you are born again , you cannot be unborn , when God give you free gift of eternal life in 1 Cor 15:1-4 , then just accept him and it's all you have to do , if you had to pay for a gift then it's not gift in first place , if God would take that gift away from you he would be thief , because once you take it then it's yours .Moreover if you have eternal life and could lose it , it would have to not be eternal life in first place .

    Now good and bad works . Every thing you do you want to do in Jesus name , every thing you do for yourself you do in your name .

    For every thing you do in Jesus name you get reward in heaven , for every bad work in your name you get trash which will be burnt up before your eyes in heaven ( 1 Corinthians 3:13-15 ) . You need to see that you are not burning , but your works are burning here , you yourself are alredy in heaven saved at this point .

    About eternal security , you can read parable of prodigal son , he took his father's money and blow it , it was his inheritance , moreover it was terrible because he asked for inheritance when his father was still alive , that was really sick thing to to back then , because it would be like wishing your father to die so you can inherit when he die .
    He got inheritance from father and left , blow it away on party , then he repent and come back .

    He lost his inheritance , but he never lost ability to be son . He was always son , before he lost money and when he lost money , he was always saved .
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2017
  7. Korean-American Christian

    Korean-American Christian raised Presbyterian. member of the Nazarene Church

    United States
    My dear Leon, the only way to ensure that you will go to Heaven is this
    (1) Repent of your sin and ask Jesus Christ for forgiveness
    (2) Trust in Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord

    I want to add this too - develop and maintain a close relationship with Jesus by reading God's love letter to you (the Bible), talking to God about everything (prayer), and finding a good Bible-focused community of Christians. Meet with them regularly

    0A be reconciled to God through Christ.jpg Saved by Grace.jpg
  8. Tolworth John

    Tolworth John Well-Known Member

    United Kingdom
    Do you actually know what Christianity is all about?

    Have you ever read verses like John 3 16-18
    or John 14 v 6, or Acts 4 v 12, or Romans 5 v 1+2 and v 8+9
    May I suggest checking the web site christianityexplored to find a church in your area where you can sign up to a course to learn about Christianity with the embarasment of admitting to your pastor that you don't know what he's been preaching about.
  9. Noxot

    Noxot tohu and bohu Supporter

    United States
    I think there is a difference in being attracted to someone and lusting after them