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Cambrian explosion

Discussion in 'Creation & Evolution' started by worship4ever, Jun 29, 2003.

  1. worship4ever

    worship4ever Member

    "When Charles Darwin wrote "The Origin of Species " in 1859, the sudden appearance of animal fossils at the beginning of the Cambrian was of particular concern to him. It was at odds with his view that the diversification of life on earth through natural selection had required a long period of time. Darwin's theory predicted that the major groups of animals should gradually diverge during evolution. He knew that the sudden appearance of fossils would be used by his opponents as a powerful argument against his theories of descent with modification and natural selection. Consequently, he argued that a long period of time, unrepresented in the fossil record, must have preceded the Cambrian to allow the various major groups of animals to diverge. At that time the strata that we now regard as Cambrian were subsumed within the concept of the Silurian, so Darwin wrote,

    'I cannot doubt that all the Silurian trilobites have descended from some one crustacean, which must have lived long before the Silurian age....Consequently, if my theory be true, it is indisputable that before the lowest Silurian strata was deposited, long periods elapsed, as long as, or probably longer than, the whole interval from the Silurian to the present day.....The case must at present remain inexplicable; and may be truely urged as a valid argument against the views here entertained'

    This is something I find interseting, this is agreed upon by all scientists:
    5.1: There are no transitional forms between fish and amphibians.
    5.2: There are no transitional forms between amphibians and reptiles.
    5.3: There are no transitional forms between reptiles and mammals.
    5.4: There are no transitional forms between early hominids and Homo sapiens.
    5.5: There are no transitional forms between whales and their alleged Mesonychid ancestors.
    5.6: The feather impressions in fossils of Archaeopteryx are forgeries. Feathers were pressed into a thin layer of artificial cement, or else the feather impressions were chiseled in directly.
    5.7: Archaeopteryx is not a true transitional form; any reptilian characteristics it displays are mirrored in modern birds, like the hoatzin.
    5.8: Protoavis precedes Archaeopteryx in the fossil record; hence, Archaeopteryx cannot be a transitional form.
    5.9: The Cambrian explosion is a sure sign of the activity of a Creator, suddenly creating a multitude of complex forms out of nothing. There are no fossils before the explosion.
    5.10: There are gaps in the fossil record; but evolution predicts that there should be no gaps.
    5.11: Fossils are the remains of the organisms that perished in Noah's Flood.
    5.12: In their search for transitional forms, evolutionists have been taken in by outright fraud, as in the case of Piltdown Man, and by unfounded speculation, as in the case of Nebraska Man.
    To go into deep detail about these subjects 5:1 thur 5:12 please go to: http://vuletic.com/hume/cefec/5.html#5.1

    The Fossil Record by John Morris, Ph.D., did a great finding that both evolutionist and creationist agree on, creationist seem to win this one.

    95% of all fossils are marine invertebrates, particularly shellfish.
    Of the remaining 5%, 95% are algae and plant fossils (4.75%).
    95% of the remaining 0.25% consists of the other invertebrates, including insects (0.2375%).
    The remaining 0.0125% includes all vertebrates, mostly fish, 95% of the few land vertebrates consist of less than one bone. (For example, only about 1,200 dinosaur skeletons have been found.) 95% of the mammal fossils were deposited during the Ice Age.
    The fossil record is best understood as the result of a a marine cataclysm that utterly annihilated the continents and land dwellers (Genesis 7:18-24; II Peter 3:6).

    The cambridge explosion is something that can't be agrued (Thank Goodness) between creationist and evolutionist because fossil's don't lie.
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  2. worship4ever

    worship4ever Member

    Yes, great thread, i see some problem areas in it, but lets address my thread. The other thread talks about transitional fossils. I'm making note to the cambrian explosion, transitional fossils are just a part of this thread.
  3. Jet Black

    Jet Black Guest

    again you can see here that his argument isn't very well polished, he assumes that all came from one ancestor, but this is highly unlikely and not erally considered anymore.

    see earlier link

    there were forgeries, but there are plenty of Archaeopteryx specimins that aren't.
    all fossils are transitional unless they are the end of a line.
    or so you assume. God's fingerprints aren't all over it, and there is no proof that goddidit.

    evolution says nothing on the matter of fossilisation. for example, you migh as well say: I want an example of every single dog leading from a wolf to a yorkshire terrier, if you cannot provide me with this, then I will assume that God made yorshire terriers as they are.
    are you saying there were 2 tyrannosaurus and 2 stegs, 2 triceratops and so on on the ark? or did noah leave all of those behind. Did he have 2 examples of every type of insect, every kind of hummingbird, every kind of plant that the hummingbirds are highly adapted to feeding from, some eucalyptis trees for the koalas some bamboo for the pandas and so on.

    there have been fakes.... so what? we find they are fakes and deal with it accordingly, by rejecting it, and often ostracising the scientist who dared to fake something.

    when a fish dies it just falls to the bottom. when an animal dies there are lots of scavengers. the conditions for fossilisation are alot more difficult to find on land, and also life is far more abundant in the sea.. this is pretty obvious by the fact that on wandering round africa, you are not treading round in 6 ft deep of lion's leftovers.

    I'm not a fan of cambridge either, I think they are a bit pretentious. on the subject of the cambrian explosion though, I just debunked pretty much all of your argument.
  4. Siliconaut

    Siliconaut Not to be confused with the other Norman Hartnell

    There are lots of well-documented pre-cambrian fossils. Check http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/precambrian/proterolife.html for a few examples.

    The Cambrian was THE GREAT AGE of pointless creatures. Funnily, none of these made it through to today (even though the trilobites looked pretty sturdy) - which presents a number of problems for creationists arguing against the extinction of species... ;)
  5. worship4ever

    worship4ever Member

    Debunked, lol. You are far from debunking this thread. Let me write my responses back, it'll take a few though.
  6. Jet Black

    Jet Black Guest

    I expect a counterexample against all my ponts. remember, the key is disproof, and don't mention that things are unlikely, or improbable.
  7. Jet Black

    Jet Black Guest

    I am going to keep this in mind, it made me laugh :)
  8. troodon

    troodon Be wise and be smart

    I'm not sure whether I should hope that you're intentionally lying or that you're just ignorant of all the scientists that know of the intermediates between these taxa.

    For many of the following, check here:
    See Talkorigins link
    See Talkorigins link
    See Talkorigins link
    You'd better tell every single dinosaurian paleontologist in the world
    Wait, wait, does that mean that the actual skeleton is that of a dinosaur (please say yes :bow: )?
    A flat out lie. Every modern bird has a keeled sturnum, Archaeopteryx does not. Every modern bird has a toothless beak, Archaeopteryx does not. Every modern bird has a short bony tail, Archaeopteryx has a very long one. No modern bird has gastralia, Archaeopteryx does. Every single adult modern bird has fused fingers, Archaeopteryx does not.
    "Protoavis" is a chimera of 2+ different triassic species. Even it's alleged avian features are not at all impressive (but you wouldn't know this, you haven't researched it thoroughly). Basically, its most avian feature is its braincase (which was badly crushed in both "specimens") and, as a comparison, its braincase was less avian than those of either Dromeosaurs or Troodonts. So unless you want to call those birds too I suggest dropping "Protoavis" as a bird.
    No fossils before the explosion? Once again I must ask, are you intentionally lying?
    Wrong, I'm actually surprised there aren't more gaps.
    Then you've got some explaining to do
    Both of which were found to be fakes by evolutionists, just like Archaeoraptor.

    Edit: Wow, I cannot spell lying