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Brussels mass detention 3 milestones: last supper for 700 protesting EU Nobel Prize

Discussion in 'News & Current Events' started by MattMarriott, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. MattMarriott

    MattMarriott Active Member

    Brussels mass detention sets 3 milestones: last supper for 700 protesting EU Nobel Prize

    Brussels October 11 2012 - Mass Detention sets THREE milestones
    The dinner of hundreds of top european Illuminati (Barroso to Monti, Rompuy to Schultz) at the most expensive hotel of Brussels to celebrate the day they awarded themselves the Nobel Peace Prize (1).
    Even more sinister than that celebration, a dinner that was in the agenda (2) to set three milestones in the current stage of mass detentions for extermination camps. (3)

    First milestone: For the first time EVERYBODY protesting was detained, more than 1000 people. The illuminati agents who organized the "protest" were obviously released hours later, together with about 200 others.
    The rest had their last supper before the protest and peacefully accepting to step into the death buses. No additional meal will be served at the extermination camps.

    Second milestone: For the first time the EU death buses are used. They have a capacity for 100 people and were specially designed for processing the mass detentions for extermination camps.

    Third milestone: For the first time ALL illuminati print media (as it was already the case for TV stations broadcasting by satellite like CNN, BBC, SKY News) TOTALLY censors a mass detention, although it took place at the very same place where the leaders of the EU administration were dining the day they they awarded themselves the Nobel Peace Prize.

    (1) As always in the last decades, with the exception of East Timor's Bishop Belo 1996 who got it for tactic reasons: to share it with illuminati agent Ramos-Horta.
    East Timor Resisters, End times hero Bishop Belo

    (2) 5 Oct 2012, THE WEEK AHEAD: On Thursday, European Commission president Jose Barroso and Italian prime minister Mario Monti will speak at a dinner in Brussels.
    THE WEEK AHEAD | Shane White | Commentary | Business Spectator

    (3) The "Occupy" type of protests is organized by the illuminati and designed for mass detentions.
    While the illuminati have some of the Neo-Gestapo dressed as masked "protesters" in the role of agents provocateurs justifying the charge of the Neo-Gestapo in the official shock police uniform ...
    ... they have other Neo-Gestapo dressed as peaceful protest leaders, ordering to the masses, as the "best way to resist the police charges", to sit down, raise their arms and chant "these are our weapons".
  2. JustMeSee

    JustMeSee Contributor

    Other Religion
    I am a believer.
  3. Blayz

    Blayz Well-Known Member

    Norway, which gives out the Nobel prizes, isn't in the EU. Oh well, more evidence of Matt as a false prophet, I guess.
  4. Harpuia

    Harpuia 2003-2012

    I don't always read conspiracy theories on the web...

    But when I do, I make it a Matt Marriott.

    Stay paranoid my friends.