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Brought to you by Pfizer!

Discussion in 'The Kitchen Sink' started by Aldebaran, Oct 24, 2021.

  1. Aldebaran

    Aldebaran Star Power!

    When we watch the MSM broadcasts and "news" shows that run the narrative about Covid vaccines being "safe and effective", and now want even the "fully vaccinated" to get even more shots in the future, it's easy to believe that the broadcasters are looking out for what's best for us. After all, there are so many of them saying it that those pushing that popular narrative are know as the Mainstream Media.

    However, when we look at who provides the funding, it becomes clear who pulls the strings:

    Don't expect those who are being funded to bite the hand that feeds them.
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2021
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  2. Aldebaran

    Aldebaran Star Power!

  3. Aussie Pete

    Aussie Pete Well-Known Member Supporter

    So does Kellog. And GM. And Ford. And MacDonalds. Etc etc etc. Except those companies spend vastly less on R & D than pharmaceutical companies. If Ford's cars had undergo testing the same as any of the pharma companies, it would be years before you could buy their latest model. And they would cost ten times as much. And yes, I do have some knowledge through my work before I retired. Your "general admin expenses" include testing by various bodies in numbers of countries. It is not for free. Since the FDA and such are monopolies, they charge like wounded elephants.
  4. Aldebaran

    Aldebaran Star Power!

    Ford, Kellogg's, and McDonalds aren't being featured in about a third of every nightly newscast in a favorable light, while evidence of negativity against Pfizer is ignored by the MSM that is "brought to you by Pfizer".
  5. muichimotsu

    muichimotsu I Spit On Perfection

    United States
    And someone has to point out to you that not all vaccinations give lifelong immunity because viruses EVOLVE. We're still working on improving the technology, it's not going to be 100% and likely never will because of viral mutations that select for survival and persistence (like with influenza and rhinoviruses).

    You don't bat an eye at the idea that we get flu shots or boosters for other vaccinations (like tetanus, which gives decent immunity, but shouldn't be seen as absolute, plus it works differently due to tetanus being a bacterial infection that creates disease via a toxin and not a virus), yet suddenly you're incredulous at this because you believe (mistakenly) that it's novel when the technology is almost a generation old in the study and the only innovation is applying it to this novel coronavirus (the classification of which is easily 2 generations old at this point (1961 the earliest recognition of human coronaviruses, though supposedly we observed some that were misclassified in the 1920s)

    Not sure how high the NFL's full vaxxed rate is, but given that there's barely about 1600+ players and practically 1/4 of that in the NBA, it's baffling that we have anyone resisting except for the most likely justification of clout chasing and being a textbook narcissist like we see with some suffering from comorbird delusions of grandeur.

    Free market means there can and are consequences for you not abiding by a contract you signed with a company. I signed several for what is a part time job for a state funded (not state run, entirely, it's a public library, so they have a committee for those decisions) institution.

    Now imagine if I was promised upwards of 8 figures a year: you bet I'd look over that contract with a fine tooth comb and consult a lawyer before taking it, unlike the athletes who are venerated like Greek heroes, almost idolized like deities
  6. Gene2memE

    Gene2memE Newbie

    Do you realise SG&A are typically the most significant cost item for any major business?

    Its stuff like salaries and commissions, rent, selling expenses, equipment, maintenance. Basic, day-to-day business expenses.

    Saying that SG&A is more the R&D as some big reveal is like someone being scandalised that there's more water than alcohol in beer.

    Besides, Pfizer spent 22.4% of its revenue on R&D in 2020 - which is a huge proportion. Page 35-36 in their 2020 statement

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