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Broken Faith

Discussion in 'Salvation (Soteriology)' started by Sidon, Jun 18, 2021.

  1. Sidon

    Sidon Well-Known Member

    United States
    What is Broken Faith?

    Well, it cant be the belief system found in someone who is religious but lost.
    The unbelievers can't have broken faith, as they have none yet.
    So, this isn't the person who is water baptized and very religious, but is not born again, as they have no faith to be broken. All they have is self righteousness pretending to be Christian Faith.

    So, "broken faith", is what Paul Describes as "if you are trying to be justified by the LAW you are fallen from Grace"..
    "you are in the flesh".
    "who has bewitched you that you should not obey the TRUTH"

    So, let me expand that for you.

    Broken faith, is this. You started out in love with Jesus, probably heard a sermon, went to the alter call, trusted Christ, and cried Joyfully.
    OR something similar..
    You had that moment when Jesus was SO REAL TO YOU....and you reached out to Him to be saved, and GOD SAVED YOU because you BELIEVED.

    So, see that innocent and childlike faith?
    You went to God as a sinner and God recreated you as a Saint, as HIS CHILD, as Born again.
    You are there, that day..... ONLY= believing that Christ has you and God loves you, and you are their's forever.

    Reader, That is real faith.
    That is the pure faith found as real belief, that only trusts in Christ alone, for 2 things.

    1. To save you.
    2. To keep you saved.

    Now, when does faith become broken?
    It happens here......
    = Its when you no longer trust in Christ to KEEP YOU SAVED.
    So...... your faith has now shifted into..."here is what im doing to keep myself saved".

    Your faith has "fallen" from ..."Christ has me".....to...>>"Here is how i keep myself saved".

    See that?
    That is Broken faith.

    Then in comes the Lawkeeping. In comes the Commandment keeping. In comes the enduring. In come the sin confessing...
    All of which is you now up on the Cross trying to keep yourself saved, and Jesus is ripped off the nails by your broken faith that is trying to make = SELF Righteous.

    How can you tell if your faith is broken?

    Its very easy.
    There is only one evidence and its always true.
    You will BELIEVE that you can lose your salvation.
    And why does this prove that you have broken faith?
    Its because to believe that you can lose you salvation, is to have FAITH that the blood of Jesus can't keep you saved.
    So, your faith is lost. Its broken. It has become "what im doing" "how i keep myself saved"..."here is what I have to do".. "I I I , ME, ME , ME, SAVING ME", "and here is my LIST of VERSES and all the things i have to DO, or keep from doing, and if i DO ALL THAT till i DIE< i get to go to heaven".

    See that?
    That is faith in YOU.
    That is not Faith in Christ.
    So, if you are like that, your faith is broken, you are "fallen from Grace", and you'll talk endlessly about law, law, commandment keeping, self effort, and enduring......all of this......as this is what YOU BELIEVE you have to DO to try to SAVE YOURSELF, = keep yourself saved.

    That's broken faith.
    That is broken faith.
    That is faith that is broken.

    Reader if that is you... then Repent of that, turn from that.... if that is you, and go back to the only real faith which is only found when you know that the same blood of Jesus that saved you, will always keep you saved.

    Will always keep you saved.
    Will always keep you saved.
    Will always keep you saved.

    The same blood of Jesus that saved you, will always KEEP YOU SAVED.

    Thats the REAL Faith, and there is no other.
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2021
  2. Sidon

    Sidon Well-Known Member

    United States
    One of the beautiful things about Salvation......... is that Salvation is God created, freely offered, and God maintained.

    Most believers are taught that once they are born again, (saved) then Salvation becomes their responsibility.
    And that is the devil's lie.
    See, Salvation is never your responsibility. It is God's responsibility, and that is why HE died on the Cross, FOR YOU.

    Notice these 2 verses.

    Philippians 1:6
    Hebrews 12:2

    Notice that its God who starts and completes your salvation, and Jesus starts and finishes your faith.

    See that?
    That is GOD taking full responsibility for SAVING YOU and getting you into heaven.
    You dont do that......you RECEIVE that, as the "GIFT of Salvation".

    When you can SEE this revelation, then you are starting your first step into the true understanding of the Blood Atonement, AS....."the Gift of Righteousness", which IS...the Grace of God.
  3. Sidon

    Sidon Well-Known Member

    United States
    Here is a way to understand the theology of broken faith that has replaced faith in Christ.

    Ask yourself....."what am i trusting in, if i died in 10 seconds, to get me into heaven".

    So, if your mind flashes back to all the good deeds you try to do, or if you think about keeping commandments, or if your thinking says....I have held onto my faith, then all of that thinking, is not you trusting in Christ to get you to heaven.
    So, you have faith, but its all in yourself.
    That is broken faith.
    Thats useless.

    If you are saved, (born Again) then there came that moment that you went to Jesus and trusted Him to save you.
    And God did.
    So, how did you go from that real faith, to....."im keeping commandments, im taking communion, im water baptized, im enduring to the end,= im TRYING TO KEEP MYSELF SAVED"?
    So, how did you get away from the Cross and into "see all this that i have to do, to go to heaven"?
    How did you get there, when you started with the Cross and real faith in Christ alone?
    So, whatever or whomever led you there, to your broken faith, you need to get rid of, and stay away from....

    Now, think about this...
    Lets say that Jesus, has not come yet.
    He is not Virgin born yet, and there is no CROSS Yet.

    Now, go and get water baptized 345 times, and take communion 435 times, and work hard to live holy and keep the commandments while go and live on the streets of India for the next 60yrs , giving your life to the poor, and then die.
    Die doing all that.

    What happens to you?
    You just went to hell like quite a few thousand did today and tomorrow.

    Because you can't save yourself...., and that is what you are trying to do.

    See, you can do all the good works you want, before you are SAVED, and after, and they are of the same value.
    "filthy rags"..... that can not make you righteous or forgive your sin.

    God does not accept your self effort, to save you, or keep you.
    He only accepts the blood He shed for you as Christ on the Cross =to accept you and keep you.
    John 14:6