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Black Light Dramas/ Skits for Youth Group

Discussion in 'Children and Youth Ministry' started by newday06, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. newday06

    newday06 Guest

    Does anyone have anyone black light dramas or skits to music or without that are short or that you mind sharing. I am the associate pastor of my youth group (I know I'm really 18) and I need ideas.
    I'd be great if you could fill me in on new avenues to minister through drama and song ..

  2. epy

    epy Member

    I'd love to know how you got that job....

    Anyway, http://www.thewestcoast.net/bobsnook/

    The best things about his skits:

    They are free.

    Preformers/directors/whomever are free to edit them.

    They range from Bible humor to "deep" theological concepts, covering things like purgatory and God's choice to give us free will.

    When my church had a drama ministry those and ones like them were what we used. I like having some things that are more dramatic, but no one seemed to be with me on that. (I once saw a short drama on another website- don't remember where- that featured God and Satan battling over a soul....was interesting, but no one liked it.)
  3. Aceybee

    Aceybee Regular Member

    we did a really cool one using neon 'head' puppets and white gloves with blacklight to "People get ready" but I think thats a fairly common one..