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Answer to prayer

Discussion in 'Praise Reports' started by KateforChrist, Dec 10, 2019.

  1. KateforChrist

    KateforChrist Koalas are NOT bears

    I had a prayer answered today. It may seem only small to some people, but to me it was big, showing me how much God cares about the little things.

    We had our ladies Bible study luncheon and we each took a gift.

    Several weeks ago I decided to buy a plant pot and transfer a dwarf sunflower seedling which I had grown from seed already (I had planted 10 seeds and 10 germinated!).

    Over the weeks I have tended to both my own dwarf sunflowers and 5 giant ones that my daughter had started off together with the gift sunflower, taking regular photos of them all and bringing the gift sunflower inside on the really hot days and drying off the leaves in the morning if they were wet so that they wouldn't get burned. It started getting it's main flower bud and it's side shoots which will produce secondary flowers.

    I had found a box that the plant would fit into and created some packaging from cardboard because I like doing craft. I even had to make a lid because the plant grew taller than I expected it to. I had to leave the box flaps up to extend the sides.

    Over the last few days I have been praying that the gift would go to a person who would like it. Of course we all want our gifts to be liked but this morning I realised how much love and attention I had given this plant and that today was the day it would be given away.

    Of course my gift was the largest of them all there which made me think that nobody would select it so as not to appear "greedy". Anyway one of the younger ladies (she's actually a friend of mine - they arrived later than me so the gift was already on the table with the other gifts) was there with her mother and her grandmother and she ended up selecting the gift for her grandmother when it was her turn. And I found out later that this lady loves plants! It's so nice knowing that it is going to be enjoyed and cared for and she also named it. Sunny of course.
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  2. Radagast

    Radagast comes and goes Supporter

    Isn't that great! :)
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  3. Phoebe Ann

    Phoebe Ann ...yet not I, but the grace of God that is with me Supporter

    United States
    What a joyful experience! :angel:
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  4. Gottservant

    Gottservant God loves your words, may men love them also Supporter

    The Holy Spirit inspired me, by your post (that God is faithful in what is least - and therefore is faithful in much!)

  5. Martyr's Crown

    Martyr's Crown Sunflower Jewel

    All prayer answers as well as all blessings from God, whether they may seem small or great in other people's eyes, are in truth great to get! Because they come from God.

    When we learn being thankful in everything we get, as well as content in what we have and are given. We will be happy for any blessings, and notice these more when God blesses us.

    Prayer answers are to tell us that God sees us and provides for our needs, as well as it encourages more growth in our faith in Him, especially when believed and received with joy.

    James 1:17

    "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning."

    Keep on rejoicing in the Lord and give Him thanks! In Jesus's Name, Amen!