A Woman Ex Rosicrucian Interview By Mgr Laurentin, Prelate Of The Pope


Mar 15, 2012
Marital Status
[Monsignor René Laurentin, a French priest, is possibly the world’s greatest authority on private revelation. He has doctoral degrees in Theology and Mariology, and he was a peritus (Latin for “expert”) at the Second Vatican Council. He has taught, written, lectured, and appeared in the media extensively throughout his priesthood, which began in 1946.]

From the Rosicrucians to Christianity
Monsignor René Laurentin interviews Fabienne Guerrero (for Chrétiens Magazine’s April 2011 issue)

Fabienne Guerrero was born on April 14, 1964. Medium size, brown hair, blue eyes; she is dressed modestly. She keeps the precision she cultivated while working as an executive secretary and her contrasted course is particularly remarkable.

RL: You returned to Christ from sects with a beautiful clarity. Tell us about it.

FG: I spent my youth in drugs, alcohol, night clubs, and sins of the flesh. I listened to bad music; watched bad movies; practiced spiritism, astrology, numerology, divination; studied New Age; and had contact with a guru who opened two chakras: my third eye chakra and my heart chakra.

RL: You also spent time with Rosicrucians. What is this?

FG: This is an esoteric movement. I was a member of the Haroeris Chapter in Marseille from April 1995 to March 1997.

RL: What was it about?

FG: For the first initiation, I walked into the room with a special approach. I cannot give more details so as not to get into trouble.

RL: Did you have a Christian education?

FG: Yes. I was baptized on May 3, 1964. I followed the usual path: Catechism, First Holy Communion, profession of faith.

RL: When did you start to get in touch with the Rosicrucians?

FG: In July 1993 until I left in March 1997. At the end of 1996, I made a first pilgrimage to


RL: How did you break loose from the Rosicrucians?

FG: I started to recite the Rosary and consecrated myself to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. On August 9, 1998, during a Mass, I made a covenant with Mary, Immaculate Queen of the Universe, at Bois-le-Roi (a town located in Upper Normandy, in Northern France). Following the advice given by Heaven, I had Masses celebrated (several Gregorian Masses) for my soul in order to find peace. I received many sacraments, including the Anointing of the Sick – many times – although I was not really physically sick. Father P. Remels (Belgium) prayed to cut ties to the esoteric movement I spent time in. Every morning I prayed the Stations of the Cross, followed by Morning Prayer (Lauds), and Mass in my parish in Beziers (a town located in the southeast of France).

RL: What does your Mass bring you every morning?

FG: When I see the Lord at the Elevation I knee down and I ask Him to burn my heart in the fire of His Heart. I always kneel when I receive the Holy Communion on the tongue. Mass gives me the strength to give myself and follow Him.

RL: You have understood that unity of will with God, i.e. the union of love (same thing) is


FG: Yes, what matters to me is the profound intimacy, day after day with Jesus, in His peace and His joy.

RL: Yes, a will that enables to identify with His life!

FG: Yes.

RL: When did you start to go astray (or when did your deviance begin)? In your childhood?

FG: When I was 15, I started doing divination, astrology and numerological divination.

RL: What is numerological divination?

FG: Numerological divination is a set of beliefs based on assigning properties or significance to

numbers. It is the study of a theme of life; it is established from the date of birth within the influence of the astral conjuncture.

RL: What was the outcome?

FG: I went through three different stages of which I searched for logic.

RL: And New Age?

FG: New Age is a spiritual movement that does not come from God. While in this movement, I never heard of Jesus Christ as being the Son of God. I learned about the existence of the “Divine” – the Divine being the highest expression of cosmic consciousness, the highest vibration (energy). It manifests itself through motion or emanation in cosmic and inner energies. It coincides with the world and with man. The individual may say God is in me, I am my creator. In a word, all is one, everything is energy, everything is God. The “New Age” Christ I learned to know is a simple spirit manifested in the Buddha and Jesus of Nazareth. I was not able to have a direct relation with God as I was a mere wave of the cosmic ocean. My salvation consisted in having an experimental knowledge of my own so-called divine nature. I had to achieve my own self-realization through inner illumination (enlightenment), rebirths, self-control, and possibly acquisition of powers while connecting myself to the divine energy for the purification and harmony of myself, with others and with the universe. I was self-sufficient; I was not in need of revelation or redemption, nor any outside help. According to the law of karma, I had to fix my mistakes on my own through new lives. “Gnosis” was my faith (i.e., a secret knowledge reserved for insiders) and I never prayed. I did not even believe in sin.

RL: New Age is well known; it captures all facets of our culture. It makes a brilliant synthesis

of it – albeit inconsistent – and thus seduces its followers, leaving them frustrated. As for

chakras, they are senses unknown in the Western world and identified by Indians (from India).

There are seven main chakras: from the root chakra to the crown chakra – located at the crown

of the head. This opened the door to all influences. Hence your unrestrained lifestyle.

FG: The opening of my chakras turned me away from faith and opened the way to all kinds of

experiences that left me destroyed.

RL: This guru wanted you to open “beyond” ordinary perceptions.

FG: For a year I attended spiritism sessions. One day he suggested me to proceed to a major

cleansing. As I believed in reincarnation, I thought he would help me and free myself from my karma, i.e., constraints and servitudes coming from my past lives. He placed his hand on my heart chakra and my third eye chakra at the same time and made an invocation prayer in a language I did not understand. During the next spiritism session, my kundalini rose. I was very scared because I felt a great power which went from my root chakra to my crown chakra, and raised me up.

RL: Did you also experience levitation as it sometimes happens?

FG: Not at all. It is through the top of my head that I was pulled upwards, without reaching any goal or object.

RL: What made you change?

FG: End of 1996, I made a first pilgrimage to Medjugorje.

RL: What exactly changed in you at that time?

FG: In Medjugorje, I regained the taste for sacraments, the taste I lost when I was 15; I started to like prayer again, especially the Rosary.

RL: It became somehow clearer (generally speaking).

FG: Yes.

RL: Did this “open yourself” to Christ?

FG: Yes.

RL: Did you recognize that it came from the Holy Spirit? He does not appear but like stage

lighting instruments (spotlights) which are in our back during performances; He illuminates

the scene: Jesus and His message.

FG: I immediately recognized the action of the Holy Spirit.

RL: The Holy Spirit teaches us not only with words and speech, but it gives us His light so that

we perceive Christ and His action in us.

FG: I accepted Christianity, all of it; and I became actively involved in the missionary apostolate.

I wrote five booklets about my conversion. They received the Imprimatur on 1 December 2009 and 4 of them were published by Téqui (a French Publisher):

· I Quit the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC (“Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis”)

· Astrology or Trust in God?

· God Released Me from Belief in Reincarnation

· Merciful Jesus Released Me from Spiritism

· Merciful Jesus Released Me from Clairvoyance

RL: How many people visit your site each month?

FG: I removed the counter some time ago already. Currently, a few dozen people per month from all French-speaking countries contact me by email. I also distribute CDs on the Holy Spirit; apparitions of the Virgin Mary; the dangers of New Age, yoga, reiki, transcendental meditation, spiritism; and teaching CDs made by good priests (Father Émilien Tardif, Father Daniel Ange, Father Nicolas Buttet, Father Roger Paulin, etc.); a CD on prayer and worship; CDs on the different sacraments, the Bible, inner healing, on evangelism, on lives of saints...

RL: What about the Rosicrucians – have they disappeared from your life?

FG: I was a member of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, from July 1993 till March 1997, and I went as far as the 7th degree of the Temple.

RL: How many degrees are there?

FG: Twelve, I think. After I came back from Medjugorje, I wrote to the imperator of the Order and told him about my decision to leave. He asked why and I answered: “To return to the Catholic Church.”

RL: Were your chakras still open?

FG: Yes.

RL: Who closed them? Because it is not only a door open to Christianity...

FG: A priest – I cannot remember his name; he prayed for them to be closed and everything came back to normal.

RL: You are lucky that everything went so quickly, and finally so smoothly and well.

FG: Yes, thanks to the sacraments I have been receiving every day; many people have been facing difficulties and can die when the kundalini rises.

RL: Can you please explain what the kundalini is?

FG: This is a powerful energy which resides in the sacrum bone. It rises along the spine and passes through each chakra until it reaches the crown chakra.

RL: Did it help you have a greater receptivity to Christianity?

FG: Not directly. I started studying the Bible, the lives of saints, Vatican II, the Catechism of the

Catholic Church and I saw that it was good.

RL: Did it bring you closer to God?

FG: Yes. I spent my afternoons in a church in Marseille (a city located in the South of France), where I prayed the Stations of the Cross, and spent time with Jesus, and then I heard a voice. It came out of the tabernacle and Jesus told me: “I am your only Lord.”

RL: Did you hear it or did you “perceive” it internally, intellectually as we say?

FG: I heard it as you speak.

RL: Oh yes. You heard a voice?

FG: Yes; a voice coming out of the tabernacle. A male voice, very strong. It resonated within me. It happened at other times.

RL: If the Holy Spirit does not speak, Jesus – Who became man – can speak to us in human


FG: Jesus also said, “My Holy Wounds will save you” because He would take me into His holy wounds to save me.

RL: His wounds, His sufferings and death – did He share them with you?

FG: No. Not yet. I thought that I needed a spiritual director.

RL: And did you find him?

FG: Yes. My first spiritual director, a Dominican priest, discerned that God spoke to me. Is this normal Monsignor?

RL: Yes, absolutely. You were lucky to find a clear-sighted father.

FG: I explained to him that I had a boyfriend and we were living together in a marital relationship since 1994. After I came back from Medjugorje, we civilly married on September 6, 1997, but we could not marry in the Church because he already married in the Church and had divorced his wife.

RL: And his wife was still alive?

FG: Yes, she had left him for another man. After my marriage, one night, Jesus came into my room and visited me, and asked me to obey, to sleep in separate room; then He said: “I demand Reparation.” Your sin has offended Me. I want your body and soul.” My spiritual director confirmed that I had to live out the virtue of chastity, and God asked me to witness His mercy. Back home, we lived like brother and sister.

RL: But did he agree with you to live this new situation?

FG: It was very difficult. But since God demanded to live out the virtue of continence, I obeyed.

Finally, on December 14, 2000, I divorced him to follow Christ in the world because He told me: “I want you to serve me in the world.” After I left our home, I studied the Catholic Faith, and in early 2003 I created a network of Pilgrim Icons of Merciful Jesus in obedience to a Pallottine priest, Father Eugene, with whom I still work. He is my director for Divine Mercy. I make these Pilgrim Icons; then families take them to their home, and host them for nine days, the time needed for a novena. There are currently Pilgrim Icons in various countries and places such as FRANCE - GUADELOUPE - MARTINIQUE - ÎLES DES SAINTES - LA DESIRADE - BELGIUM - SWITZERLAND - LUXEMBOURG - PORTUGAL - THE NETHERLANDS - AFRICA - ITALY. Some people, once they hosted the icon, can no longer live without it. They fall more in love with Jesus. They pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

RL: Are they many?

FG: This is a large network.

RL: An international network.

FG: Yes, led by Father Eugene.

RL Is there any prayer group?

FG: Not with this network, but I started in mid-January 2011 a network of prayers for the unborn.

RL: Do you have an occupation?

FG: Yes; Bilingual Executive Secretary. I stopped after a pilgrimage to Medjugorje and devoted myself entirely to the ministry.

RL: You are only 46-years-old, and you’re not near retirement age; what do you do for a living?

FG: My sister (married, two children) lends me an apartment and my parents feed me. I refused the money offered by my publishers (Téqui, Parvis, Rassemblement à Son Image...)

RL: Do you buy your clothes?

FG: I beg, for Jesus said, “Cling to poverty.” “Do not be afraid to beg”; I still have a small association that allows me to sell some books and other items.

RL: You are very overworked (overstrained).

FG: Yes, sometimes I do not know where to turn.

RL: Do you live like a prophet?

FG: No. The Virgin Mary told me: “You shall have no messages (like the prophets), but remain faithful to my Son.” She only speaks about me.

RL: You have a special grace: renunciation, light and clarity. Stay faithful to them. It’s not so easy to persevere.